Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Best Historical Moment to Test the Musim Brotherhood!!!

We have heard in many occaions that some politcians, institutes, or scholars identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate Islamist organization. This is the best historical moment to test the reliability of this assumption. If the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate organization as some portray, this entity and its followers should not use weapons to defend their rights. Instead of the use of weapons and violence,this entity and its followers should use political, social, cultural and legal tools in their struggle in Egypt.

Notification: As i have mentioned in an earlier note, the term Moderate Muslim is an artificial and useless term. One might wonder why? From the term moderate Muslim, we imagine a person, who should believe to the rule of law, separation of church and state notion, universal declaration of human rights, etc. In this respect, there is no difference between such a person and i (as an Iranian athesist) or a christian American, or a Chinese buddhist, who believe and agree with these liberal values. Thus the term Moderate Muslim and this type of categorization are useless and have no real meaning. Because, no one calls me a Moderate Iranian atheist. Moreover, we should be honest with ourself and asnwer the question of: what is the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to impose the Sharia law in Egypt and the Taliban, who want to perform the same Sharia law in Afghanistan?
The only difference i see is that the members of the Muslim Brothehood wear suit and tie, the Taliban do not. The ideological nature and the essense of both organizations are the same.
As my final recommendtion, i have to imply that presently, the international community should act in two directions simoltanously: Firstly, it has to push the Muslim Brotherhood to completely behave and react in a peaceful and nonviolent manner in its struggle in Ehypt. Secondly, the international community has to push the current political system in Egypt towards more democratization, secularization and more generally,implementation of sustainable development in different economic, political, social and cultural arenas.These two issues should be performed and implemented parallel to each other,otherwise, sooner or later, Egypt will enter to a civil war.

M. Sirani                27.07.2013


Friday, July 26, 2013

About Newly Elected President Rouhani!!!

Those, who think that the newly elected president "Rouhani" will change the course of Iran in the domestic as well as international affairs, should read the essay titled "The structure of power in the Islamic Republic of Iran" in my weblog. Of course, if they don`t want to deceive themselves or others. I don`t have the time and i don`t want to waste my time to write an artcile about Rouhani. Because as i have proved in that essay, within the structure of the Islamic Regime, the president is just a puppet and nothing more. Briefly, Rouhani is the samrtest presidents that the Islamic Regime has ever had and he will be the most beneficial presidents for the Islamic Regime. To put its simply, my advice to all either Iranians, who voted for him, or foreigners is as follows: Be ready to be deceived this time by Rouhani and the Islamic regime more than ever. 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

New Waves of Hostage Taking and Terrorist Activities!!!

Given the fact the the EU has designated the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist entity, all foreign workers including the employees of international humanitarian organizations should be prepared and take extra security measures for the new waves of hostage taking and some other terrorist activities across the Middle East, particularly in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Egypt and some countries in North Africa. Do not repeat the same mistake as Amenas hostage taking, when the French army invaded in Mali, while the security and intelligence officials of Algerian oil field were slept.

Putting just Hezbullah`s Military Arm in the List of Terror!!! Too little, too late!!!

The EU has designated Hezbullah`s military arm as a terrorist organisation!!!
This move does not change anything at all because:
Since 1981-2 (the emergence of Hezbullah) up until now, you have observed this terrorist organization and its unlawful and inhumane activities in different arenas. Through all these years, you should have understood, that this stone aged organisation is threatening the security and stability not just in Lebanon but also in other countries in the Middle East. With all these evidences,now, you want to put just its military arm in the list of terror? This move would not cause any harm to Hezbullah. Why? Simply, because the other parts of this organisation take the responsibility for performing some unlawful activities of for example, money laundering, arms trafficking, etc instead of military arm. As a result, the military arm of this organisation would function the same as before this move. Thus, this plan would not change the behavior of this terrorist organisation and would not prevent Hezbullah to perform its unlawful activities.
Moreover, you might think by this move (as a warning shot), you would be able to change the behavior of Hezbullah in the future. In this respect, i have to clearly tell you: You don`t have the proper knowledge about Islam, Islamic organisation, Hezbullah and what is going on in the Middle East.
Furthermore, this move does not function properly and effectively, because Hezbullah is the subset of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In other words, you cannot do anything about Hezbullah, unless you would do something against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as Hezbullah`s god father. To put it simply: Hezbullah is the Effect and the Revolutionary Guard Corps is the Cause.
Thus, it would be wise to put the Revolutionary Guard Corps (as the main founder, as the main mothership as the main nourisher), and its subset organisations such as Hezbullah in the list of terrorist organisations. In sum, this move is too little to late and does not change anything at ll with reagrds to Syria and some other unlawful activities of Hezbollah.
M. Sirani           22.07.2013