Thursday, October 9, 2014

Exclusive: A Temporary Solution To Save Kobane.

Kobane and what happens currently in this city might not be an important issue for the Turkish authority based on many reasons. But saving Kobane and its citizens should be a priority at this stage for the coalition. The people in Kobane are struggling to defeat ISIS and save the city; These are the types of forces, who are fighting ISIS on the ground; these are the people that the coalition are desperately looking for. The coalition should not let them alone.

At the present time:

1- The Turkish authority neither sends its ground forces to save Kobane, nor gives a free corridor to the Iraqi Kurds to join the people in Kobane and fight ISIS.

2- The Iraqi Kurds will strongly help the people in Kobane, but they cannot do it by their own; due to the fact that firstly, Turkey would not give them free corridor. Secondly, they cannot enter into the Syrian territory directly from Iraq because of ISIS territory and forces.

3- The coalition will not deploy its ground forces to the area because of many reasons, which are beyond of this short note.

These are the main barriers at the present time. But there is a temporary solution, which would bypass the Turkish territory and authority and at the same time save Kobane from ISIS attack.

The temporary solution is Heli-Boarding the Iraqi Kurds to Kobane. The coalition can carry some professional Kurdish fighters, armed with some anti-tank weapons for example, from Iraq to Syria by helicopters. By such a move, we would be able to save Kobane and its citizens, until the coalition would find a fundamental solution. This is the best possible temporary solution at this critical stage.   

We should not let Kobane fall in the hands of ISIS terrorists; we should prevent another genocide. 

M. Sirani                                 09.10.2014