Monday, February 24, 2014

What is happening in Ukraine? (Persian language version).

This is an analysis about the current tension in Ukraine. In this essay, i'm trying to prove, how some internal as well as external actors (mainly the US, EU and Russia) based on power, economic and geopolitical interestes clash with each other in this country.

Those, who are interested, can read the part 1 of this article in one of the following links.

Title: What is happening in Ukraine?




M. Sirani                                  24.02.2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Exclusive: A Massive Car Bomb Explodes At the Presidential Palace in Somalia.

A massive car bomb hits the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, today.

M. Sirani                     21.02.2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Khamenei's Today Order: Enforcing The Grand Plan of “Resistance Economy” in Iran As Soon As Possible.

Today, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime "Ayatollah Khamenei" sent an important proclamation to the heads of all Iran's branches of power. According to this order, all the entities within the Islamic Regime should as soon as possible perform and implement the so-called "Resistance Economy" in the country.
The proclamation, which consists of 24 articles,  outlines the general policies and measures of the Islamic Regime, in different arenas mainly economic terms. We should bear in mind that Khamenei didn't issue such a proclamation during all these years that the international community had imposed severe sanctions on Iran. From this event, we can deduce that the Islamic Regime is preparing itself for the occurrence of some difficult situation somewhere in the future. This is a very important development that should not be underestimated or ignored.

M. Sirani                           19.02.2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Clear Signs of Desperation in the US Foreign Policy.

1- The potential trip of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to Iran, which the trip would be funded by the American Middle East Institute.

2- The trip of some scholars and analysts including Suzanne Maloney to Iran.

3- Writing a letter to the Iranian Regime and asking the Regime to release Mir Hussein Mousavi and Karubi from house arrest and calling these two criminals "the Leaders of Green Movement"!!!

I don't have the time to explore these issues and their negative consequences among either the Iranian people, who are trying to overthrow the Islamic Regime or the Islamic Regime officials. The only thing that i can say is that: all these moves show clearly how desperately the US administration tries to make a deal with the Iranian Regime. I'm not the only one, who perceives these moves in this way; the Iranian regime is also considering these moves "the signs of total desperation of the U.S. administration. Thus; good luck with your desparate moves.

If  the U.S. Administration would keep a distance from the Iranian Regime's lobbies in America for a while, it might be able understand, what I'm talking about in this short note. However, as it appears, the Obama administraion does not have any clue about neither the mentality and culture of the Iranian people, nor the will of most of the Iranian people, nor the mentality of the Islamic Regime, nor the powerful influence of Iran's lobbies in America.

M. Sirani                              17.02.2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just A Question: Does Anyone have A Clue About Iran's Directed-Energy Weaponry (DEW) System?

By directed -energy weaponry i mean: some type of electromagnetic radiation such as lasers, microwave, radio frequency, masers and ultrasound or i might say sonic weapon.

In addition, does anyone have any idea about the scale and purpose of Nanotechnology in Iran?

(Or maybe these issues suppose to be the main topic of discussion between Iran and super powers somewhere in the future, let say: 2030 for example).

M. Sirani                    16.02.2014

Arming the Syrian Rebels With Anti-Aircrafts Weapons.

Following the recent deadlocked Syria peace talks in Geneva, as it appears, some of the Arab countries have decided to arm the Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft weapons. Such a development, undoubtedly, would change the course of the civil war in the country in the favor of the rebels. Such a event, however, might have some important consequences as follows.

1- There is some probability that some of these anti-aircraft weapons could fall into the hands of the radical groups in Syria.

2- Arming the Syrian rebels with such weapons would give Assad's regime an opportunity to slow down the process of shipping out the chemical arsenals from the country intentionally.

3- In retaliation, Iran would increase the level of tension and proxy war in different parts of the Middle East by provoking its affiliates. This event includes Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Israel and to some extent maybe Lebanon (If Lebanese political parties would not be able to form a government with Hezbollah).

M. Sirani                              16.02.2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Exclusive: Afghanistan Has Freed 65 Detainees From Bagram Prison.

The Karzai government has freed 65 suspected militants from the maximum security prison of Bagram. By this type of move, the president Karzai would try to make a peaceful deal or possibly a type of reconciliation with the Taliban in Afghanistan. As i have explained in some previous notes, the Taliban would use Karzai, but soon the US and its allies withdraw their troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban would push away Karzai and seize the power in the whole country. Of course, this event would be accompanied with a severe civil war across Afghanistan.

(Another example of wrong policy of the Obama administration).

M. Sirani                             13.02.2014

Exclusive: The Sound of an Explosion Has Been Heard From the Eastern Area of Tehran.

The sound of a huge explosion has been heard at Tehranpars district (East area of Tehran). The cause, exact location, possible damages of the explosion or wheter this explosion was an accident or a clandstine/covert operation on some of the military facilities in that area, are still unknown. It should be mentioned that some of the Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps, Air and Ground Force bases are located in the Eastern part of Tehran.

M. Sirani                   13.02.2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is Wrong With the Obama Administration, When it Comes to Foreign Policy? (Gratulrer Norge).

Watch these three videos, you will find out. I'm not defending the republican party in the US, but honestly, there is something really and fundamentally wrong with the Obama administration, particularly when it comes to an important issue such as foreign policy. There are many contradictions, failures, and unprofessional policies in this matter. In this respect, unprofessional reaction with regard to the current tension in Ukraine, handing over Iraq to the Islamic Regime, handing over Afghanistan to Karzai and Taliban (in the near future), reluctant reaction with regard to the Syrian civil war, having randevu and honeymoon with different factions within the Islamic Regime, hasty reaction with regard to the president Mubarak in Egypt and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and military intervention on Libya, etc could be mentioned.

By this brief information, i don't mean that for example, I'm supporting: a military strike on Iran, or the US invasion in Iraq in 2003 or the overall acts of the Mubarak regime in Egypt. Not at all. But, if i was a policy maker in the current US administration: i would not leave Iraq in the favor of the Islamic Regime; i would not remove president Mubarak in the favor of the God father of all Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood; instead, i would have pushed president Mubarak for some fundamental reforms in Egypt; or  i would not use the expertise of Islamic Regime's lobbies in the US (e.g. Hossein Mousavian= Iran's secret Ambassodor in the US) in order to make a shaky and unstable deal such as recent Geneva interim agreement with Iran; instead i would have used the expertise of some really neutral Iran analyst, etc.

1- George Tsunis, U.S. ambassador to Norway nominee.

2- Noah Mamet, U.S. ambassador to Argentina nominee.

3- Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), U.S. ambassador to China.

Unbelievable, I'm really speechless. Honestly, i'm wondering these gentlemen didn't have time to read a 50 pages article about these countries that they suppose to be ambassador on it? Or maybe, being an ambassador is the easiest job in the world, but i didn't know.
 However, in sum, i can say: Gratulerer Norge.

M. Sirani                                 12.02.2014


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Life of Evacuated People From Homs is In Danger.

As the UN states, so far, more than 1300 people have been evacuated from the besieged rebel-held areas of Homs. As i anticipated and warned in some previous short notes, the Syrian authorities have begun to questioning all evacuated men aged between 15 and 55 years old. Up until this moment (11.02.2014), among all evacuated citizens of Homs, nearly 300 people have been questioned and detained by the Syrian authority. I hope the UN would closely monitor this issue and maintain the security and safety of these people not only during these days, but also in the near future.

M. Sirani                                 11.02.2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

Iran's Successful Long-Range Ballistic Missile Test.

As Tasnim news agency reveals, Iran has successfully tested two long-range ballistic missiles today. These missiles are designed to be launched from air or surface and strike any target of air or on the ground via laser guidance. This is an important achievement for Iran based on two main reasons including: 1- One of the main objectives of a ballistic missile is the ability to deliver one or more warheads to a predetermined target. And 2- A long-range ballistic missile spends some of its flight time above the atmosphere. From this, we can deduce that at this stage, Iran is able to hit any target not only in the Middle East but also within the EU or maybe far than that with its long-range ballistic missle that can carry a Dirty Bomb warhead.

M. Sirani                                  10.02.2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Iranian Propaganda Animated Video Clip Against Israel and America.

I'm wondering what the responses of both Hassan Rouhani and Javad Zarif would be about this video clip. Do they want to refer this video clip to Ahamadinejad again? Do they want to say that the Iranian warships are sailing toward the USA coastlines due to the order of Ahamadinejad?Do Zarif and Rouhani want to deny the theme of this video clip as well?
In this video clip, Khamenei threatens to hit the US, Its puppets in the region and Israel in case of any military confrontation.

M. Sirani                               09.02.2014

Youtube (2014). URL<>. Accessed on: 09.02.2014.

Do the IAEA Inspectors Get the Chance to Visit the Mysterious Parchin Site?

After many years discussion and even following the recent Geneva interim nuclear deal with Iran, still, the IAEA inspectors have not been able to visit the Parchin site. Iran's rejection in this matter occurs, while different satellite images indicate the fact that the Islamic Regime has been engaged with massive construction or so-called "clean up activities" around the large explosives chamber at the Parchin military site. This mysterious issue raises some serious questions. Would the Iranian Regime allow the inspectors to visit the Parchin facility in order to confirm the peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear activity? Or should the IAEA inspectors wait for further clean up activities of the Islamic Regime in that area?

M. Sirani                                   09.02.2014

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Iranian Warships are Underway Toward the U.S. Maritime Coatsline. ( Is Iran planning to complete the unfinished task of Nikita Khrushchev in Cuba?)

A group of Iranian warships including helicopter carriers are moving toward the U.S. maritime borders. As Iranian news agency" Asre Iran" claims, these warships are passing South Africa and heading toward Atlantic Ocean at the present. It seems this is a three months military maneuver as Iranian navy official "Amir Afshin Rezaei Haddad" claims.
It seems the Iranian Regime has decided to violate the Monroe Doctrine. lol 

In sum: This move alone might not be a serious threat to the USA. But, when we consider some other issues such as1- the increasing level of influence of Iran in the American Latin countries and 2- establishment of Hezbollah base in Cuba since 2011, we come up with a new alarming scenario, which should neither be ignored nor underestimated.In this respect, Cuba might be mature enough and don't give permission to the Iranian regime or Hezbollah members to use its territory in case of a possible direct confrontation with the US. But, the presence of Hezbollah base and its members in Cuba is a serious threat, considering the close distance between Cuba and the U.S. coastlines. I don't have any precise information in this matter, but based on this brief detail, i can say: there is something going on over there; Iran is preparing something over there. 

It might be seen a bit ridiculous. But some questions arise from this brief details. Is Iran planning to complete the unfinished task of Nikita Khrushchev in Cuba (1963) somewhere in the future? Iran might not possess a high-tech nuclear weapon at the present, but what about a Dirty Bomb? Does anyone else think about this issue the same as i do? Has anyone performed a comprehensive research in this matter? 

M. Sirani                              08.02.2014

The Ceasefire At Homs Has Been Broken.

Delivering the humanitarian aid (food, water and medicine supplies)  to rebel-held areas in Homs has been interrupted following the clashes between the Syrian force and the rebels. Both sides blame each other for breaking the ceasefire.

In some previous short notes, i had anticipated such a event and i warned that the UN should think about the negative consequences of this evacuation. I knew that this event would facilitate a good opportunity for Assad's regime to crush the rebel-held areas in Homs with full cruelty and atrocity. However, as it appears, the UN is on hibernation mode and don't pay attention to overall consequences of its move. Through this operation the UN has managed to evacuate 80 people from Homs and at the same time it has maximized the vulnerability of those, who remain in the city. Moreover, we should remember that we don't have any guarantee about the future safety of these 80 civilians, which have been evacuated from Homs.

Once again, i emphasize on an important issue with regard to the Syrian civil war. Every efforts in Syria, no matter is about delivering the humanitarian aid, implementing a temporary truce or shipping out the chemical arsenal from the country, should be performed, observed and followed by impartial presence of the UN peacekeeping force on the ground in Syria; otherwise, that operation would not be fulfilled in an appropriate and comprehensive manner. We should have learned an important lesson from the last three years experience that Assad's Regime cannot be trusted. 

M. Sirani                                 08.02.2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Victoria Nuland's Recent Diplomatic and Professional Expression About Ukraine: Fuck The EU!!!

A clip about the conversation between Victoria Nuland, Assistent Secretary of State For European Affairs and Mr. Geoffrey Pyaat, the U.S. Amabassador to Ukraine has been uploaded in the youtube.
In this clip, Madam Victoria Nuland in a highly professional and diplomatic manner gives Mr. Pyaat some recommendation with regard to the current tension in Ukraine.

Accodring to this clip, Madam Nuland tells Mr. Pyaat:

"That would be great to help glue this thing and to have the U.N. help glue it". Furthermore, Madam Nuland  continues and says: "And you know, fuck the EU"
                                                                                                          (thedailybeast, 2014).

Note: once upon a time, the NSA tapped the bedrooms and bathrooms of all politicians around the world, in the name of "War on Terror". Today's Victoria Nuland scandal indicates that it seems a new era has begun; an era that the US politicians should pay back what the NSA has done to others in all these years. From now on, we might witness more exiting conversations and clips from the US politicians in the public domain. This would be the fruit of a seed that the NSA has cultivated in the international arena.

M. Sirani                                   06.02.2014 


Don't Insult My Intelligence With Such a Bullshit About Rouhani.

The election of Hassan Rouhani as the 7th president of Iran in 2013 has created an unrealistic atmosphere of hope and optimism among many people at home and abroad. Regarding this issue, different types of positive statements have been made. Among these statements: Rouhani is a moderate- pragmatic person; a smart scholar, who has studied and received his PhD degree at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland; Rouhani is struggling with hardliners; and finally, a well experienced politician,who would promote some positive reforms in both domestic as well as foreign policy of the Islamic Regime, could be mentioned. All these statements with different tunes and words have a common goal and that is to impose a single unrealistic perception in the public opinion. This perception is that Rouhani is the only hope and opportunity that the international community has at the present. Thus, Rouhani should be fully supported at home and abroad; otherwise, the conservatives, radicals or hardliners within the Islamic Regime would once again seize the power, as these statements claim. 

These type of positive arguments about Rouhani are absolute childish and immature claims. I use intentionally the terms "absolute childish and immature" on this issue, due to the fact that for many years, Hassan Rouhani has been and still is the official personal representative of the Supreme leader Khamenei himself in some of the most important and vital entities of the Islamic Regime. Among these important entities, The Expediency Discernment Council and The Supreme National Security Council could be mentioned. Occupying such high ranking positions shows clearly that Khamenei has enormous trust and believe in Rouhani; otherwise he would not have personally appointed him for such sensitive and important entities within the structure of the Islamic Regime. Moreover, it shows that Hassan Rouhani  himself has also shown his complete obedience and loyalty to the Supreme Leader in different terms. Furthermore, It should be mentioned that none of Iran's previous presidents had not been appointed in such high ranking positions by Khamenei as Rouhani himself has been appointed.

Based on this brief information, we can claim that these positive arguments about Rouhani could be reasonable, reliable and acceptable only on one condition. This condition is that we accept that Khamenei himself is not a hardliner. Simply, because a hardliner leader cannot/does not appoint a moderate person as his/her official puppet and representative in different important entities within the Islamic Regime. The idea that Hassan Rouhani has changed his opinion (a transformation from being a hardliner to a moderate person) during the last couple of months is enough ridiculous and needless for further explanation. To put it simply, when you make any deal with Rouhani, that simply means you have appeased Khamenei; because Rouhani follow the exact order of Khamenei and nothing else. 
To put it simply: Those, who call Rouhani a moderate, either they do not have any clue about the real definition and meaning of the terms "moderate and moderation" or they do not have any idea about the background and high ranking positions of Rouhani within the Islamic Regime or simply they lie to delude us; there is nothing else than these three options.  

In sum, to those people, how identify Rouhani a moderate person; a person, who would change the course of the Islamic Regime in a positive way; a person, who would promote positive reforms within the Islamic Regime; a person, who is struggling with hardliners:

As an individual: you are free to delude yourself by all means; you are free to close your eyes to the total violation of human rights in Iran and the execution of nearly 70-100 people weekly during Rouhani's presidency; you are free to close your eyes to the development of nuclear weapon by the Iranian Regime; you are free to take huge amount of money from different multinational companies and media in order to fix economic deal and exploit Iran's natural resources particularly in this global economic downturn; you are free to ignore your basic moral and ethical principles in order to gain benefit in different terms, 

But you are not allowed to insult my intelligence with such bullshit; no matter, who you are or what type of position you have. Thus, Keep your nonsense to yourself.


M. Sirani                                       06.02.2014

The Evacuation of Civilians From Homs.

As it appears, the Syrian authority has agreed to let the women, children, elderly and the wounded people leave Homs city. As i have emphasized in previous notes, this is a positive development, if and only if the UN would be able to:

- protect the saftey and security of those, who leave Homs.
- protect the saftey and security and provide the basic supplies for those, who remain in Homs after this event.

The UN should understand leaving the women, children and elderly people from Homs, would facilitate a best oppotunity for Asad's forces to attack on rebel-held areas in the city with full cruelty and atrocity. The UN should prevent the occurance of a massacare in Homs following this evacuation. 

M. Sirani                                   06.02.2014 

Monday, February 3, 2014

An Immediate Ceasefire in Syria Should be the Fisrt Priority of the UN at This Stage.

The UN should not waste the time on some issues such as the transitional governing body or even removing Bashar Asad from the power at this stage. These issues are important, but time and energy consuming at this stage. And the chance that any conference on these issues reach a diplomatic solution in the near future, is very low at this stage. Instead of these issues, the UN should focus on implementation of an immediate ceasefire in Syria. Because the international community will not be able to simultaneously deal with both Iran's nuclear dispute and the ongoing Syrian civil war somewhere in the next couple of months. Due to the fact that there is direct correlation between these two issues at least for the Iranian Regime. Thus, it would be wise to ease the tension at least in one of theses two issues at the present time and that is the Syrian civil war. We should not forget that we can continue to these diplomatic conferences and efforts following an immediate ceasefire even a temporary one in Syria. But implementation of a ceasefire in the next couple of months would be beyond our reach, while we are also struggling with Iran's nuclear issue.    

M. Sirani                                 03.02.2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Deadly Car Bomb Hits Eastern Lebanon (Hermel).

According to Aljazeera news agency, a deadly car bomb has exploded in a petrol station at Hermel, an area in eastern Lebanon. The area is one of the strongholds of Hezbollah. So far, four people have been killed and 15 wounded as the news agency states. The Jabhat al-Nusra Front has claimed the responsibility.

M. Sirani                  02.02.2014

Aljazeera (2014). Deadly car bomb strikes eastern Lebanon. URL Accessed on: 02.02.2014.