Saturday, February 21, 2015

With Only Four Closely Related Moves in the Regional and International Arena, We Would Be Able to Largely Pin the Iranian Regime (21.02.2015).

Iran might already passed or at the present is passing or will pass the nuclear red line somewhere in the near future. There is no doubt it that sooner or later the Islamic Regime will obtain its nuclear weapon. Should this happen, neither a powerful state, nor a powerful international authority can do anything at all about this issue. In case of the emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran, the balance of power not only in the whole Middle East but also in some parts of Africa and Asia will dramatically change in the favor of the Islamic Regime of Iran. As a result, we should expect the occurrence of more conflictual and chaotic events, which, the combination of all of them would totally destabilize the peace and security in some strategic parts of the world. The shock wave of instability and insecurity in the Middle East and some parts of Africa would undoubtedly impact other parts of the world in different terms and scales.  

How would the international community be able to avoid such tragic events?

My answer to this question is as fallows. We (the international community without Iran) cannot do anything at all against Iran's nuclear weapon, or obtaining a nuclear weapon by the Iranian Regime somewhere in the future. 
But with four closely related moves in the regional and international arena, we would be able to create a new balance of power in the region at least not in the favor of the Iranian Regime. 
Should this happen, 1- we would be able to harness the expansionist behavior of the Islamic Regime to some degree (if the plan goes well i might say to a large degree). 2- As a result, we would be able to avoid the occurrence of most of the tragic events mentioned above, 3- Finally, we would be able to preserve and sustain peace and stability in the strategic region of Middle East and some parts of Africa. 4- This plan would put an end to ISIS problem as well.

Note: Performing this plan is not an easy task, but it is possible; of course if all the actors involved in this plan will get enough, reasonable, reliable and credible information in this matter.  
There is still time for performing this plan, if those genius policy-decision makers in the Washington do not ruin it with another miscalculation or adventurous policy in the near future. 

M. Sirani                                          21.02.2015