Friday, February 27, 2015

After More Than A Year, Still You Don't Have Any Clear Tactic-Strategy-Plan For Defeating ISIS!!!??? (Honestly, Quit Your Job and Leave the Responsibility to Somebody Else. You Have Totally Failed).

Those, who are responsible in this case, need a simple message as follows.

                                 You are fired.

M. Sirani                                           27.02.2015

Deploying Ground Troops to Iraq and Syria For Defeating ISIS????? Are You Familiar With the Simple Term of "Giving & Receiving"?


You are shocking me. Have you ever thought about the final achievement of this military proposal? Have you ever thought that you can use this tactic in order to reach some other positive results in both Iraq and Syria? Have you ever heard about bargaining or Giving & Receiving?
Do you know that you can solve the major problems in both Syria and Iraq by such a military tactic?

Why are you destroying your own last winning card so easily? Why do you want to waste all your resources for the benefit of the Iranian and Syrian Regimes? Isn't there any other middle way?

Note: Don't implement such a plan; because it would be only beneficial for the Iranian and Syrian Regimes in the final stage. You can get much more positive results, more than defeating ISIS alone, by implementing this plan; of course, if you open up your eyes and look at the situation in a much more broader perspective.

I don't reveal the whole my own plan and ideas in this matter; but for your own sake; at least pay attention more to the term "Giving & Receiving". You want to train 15,000 Syrian rebels in Turkey and at the same time deploy some ground forces to Iraq and Syria without getting any troubles at all with both the Iranian and Syrian Regimes!!!!??? If this is your plan, i have to admit that: Your confusion is unlimited looooooool

M. Sirani                       27.02.2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Leaders of Yemeni Shiite Houthis Are Visiting Moscow (A Gradual Shift).

Nearly two weeks after President Putin paid an official visit to Egypt, the Russian Parliament invited some leaders of Yemeni Shiite Houthis to visit Moscow.

Note: We are observing a gradual shift of balance of power in the Middle East. It seems Moscow is determined to take back everything that it has lost following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.
We might observe more surprises like this particularly in Africa in the next coming months or years.

Iran has swallowed Yemen; has changed the course of country from West to East; while Gen Psaki says : we are not sure that Iran has too much influence in Yemen and on Houthis looooooooooool (Hibernation Mode). 

I'm wondering how these genius people get such a high ranking position within a political system. 

M. Sirani                                  26.02.2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Newly 128 Pages Report About the Spy and Intelligence Activities of the Iranian Regime in South Africa Has Been Revealed (25.02.2015).

In addition to some names, number telephones and occupations of some of the Iranian regime's affiliates, the report explains how the Iranian Regime's intelligence services function in South Africa and how the Iranian Regime's businesses bypass the sanctions. It would be wise for all the western countries to have access to this report and reevaluate their assumption in this important matter.

M. Sirani                            25.02.2015

The Mock-Up Type of American Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier Was Blown Apart During A Military Maneuver in the Strait of Hormuz.

The ship was blown apart by Iranian army forces during a military maneuver in the Strait of Hormuz.

M. Sirani                                 25.02.2015 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Western Countries Should Neither Ignore or Underestimate the Imminent Threat of Flying Drones (24.02.2015).

A flying drone is a very cheap, easily to handle and precise deadly weapon, which can hit every target at any moment. Do not ignore or underestimate the scope of threat by a simple drone; do something about it as soon as possible, before it's too late.

Note: Through the last events, someone, or some group have directly, indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally examined your vulnerabilities in this matter. So far, in all those tests, all your intelligence and security forces have unfortunately failed to detect or avoid the flying drones in an appropriate and proper time. Fix this vulnerable loophole, before it's too late.

M. Sirani                       24.02.2015

Bombing ISIS Positions in Syria and Training 15,000 Syrian Rebels in Turkey???!!!! Don't You See Any Contradiction or Counterproductivity?

I'm not in mood and have no time to go through the details of this issue. The only thing that i can say is that you don't achieve what you expect, in the final stage of this policy based on many reasons.

Note: It's too late, too short at this stage. If you would have done such a policy in 2011, you might have reached some positive result in 2015.

M. Sirani                                    24.02.2015

Multiple Drones Flying Over Paris And The Necessity of Some Type of Offensive Drone - Hunter Drone.

Once again, some multiple drones violated the air space of Paris last night. The French authority is looking for who was flying those drones and why.

Briefly: This is a fact that a simple and cheap drone attached with small piece of explosive, can function as a deadly weapon and hit every strategic and important target,whenever or wherever is planned. Such a scenario, maybe not on that scale, but reminds us to the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in the USA.

As it appears, the war of drones has begun. It seems, we need to develop a new type of drone; an Offensive Drone-Hunter type drone,  which would be able to shut down the illegal drones that are flying over strategic and important targets in a quick and short period of time. Moreover, the authorities in the Western countries should have more control about those companies that produce different types of drones and those customers, who are buying them. (It should be mentioned that this issue is not an easy task and also cannot offer us 100% security guarantee, due to the fact that everyone, who has a little bit knowledge in this matter, can buy different parts of a drone from various shops and build a deadly flying weapon in secret).  

M. Sirani                                 24.02.2015    

Monday, February 23, 2015

My Last Year Prediction About Egypt - Russia Close Relationship Came True.

Due to the totally chaotic foreign policy of the USA and some of the EU countries with regards to different events in the Middle East, through a short note, i predicted last year that some of the countries around the world would bandwagon with Russia; instead of the USA or some other EU countries. In this respect, Egypt was one of the first candidates in my opinion. It should be added that this process will continue in a much broad and large scale as long as the Western countries would not change their foreign policies in a logical, reasonable and fundamental manner.

Here below is a copy of that short note.

Note: What a pity that most of the current policy-makers in the West cannot predict what would happen tomorrow. Expecting a prediction, which might will happen somewhere in the future, e.g. next year from them is a type of too much request. 

M. Sirani                              23.02.2015

Promotion of Russia Among Many Countries Around the World.

I'm not defending Russia and i am not a fan of President Putin, partly due to the close relationship between Moscow and Tehran. But when i consider different events, which have been occurred in the last couple of years in the Middle East, i can predict that, in addition to Iran and Syria, some other countries in the region will be allied to Russia in the future. In this respect, Egypt might be the first one.

M. Sirani                       28.03.2014

Say Congratulations to Mr.Jack Straw; While You Are Listening to the Song "Money, Money, Money" From ABBA Album.

My sincere congratulations to those Western policy-makers, who followed the advice of Mr. Jack Straw with regards to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its nuclear activity.
By revealing such a news, those Western policy-makers probably understand that how much they have preserved the security and national interest of their motherland by following the advises of Mr. Jack Straw. loooooooooooool

Note: Those, who are interested to know more about this scandal, can listen to the song "Money Money Money" from ABBA album. loooooooooooooooooool 

M. Sirani                                          23.02.2015

Well Done Mr. Jack Straw.

My sincere congratulations to those Western policy-makers, who followed the advice of Mr. Jack Straw with regards to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its nuclear activity.
By revealing such a news, those Western policy-makers probably understand that how much they have preserved the security and national interest of their motherland by following the advises of Mr. Jack Straw. loooooooooooool

Note: Those, who are interested to know more about this scandal, can listen to the song "Money Money Money" from ABBA album. loooooooooooooooooool 

M. Sirani                                          23.02.2015

Friday, February 20, 2015

President Obama Says: We are not at War With Islam!!! Are You Kidding Me??????? Instead of Playing Golf, Spend Couple of Hours and Read the English Version of Quran.

In his recent speech, president Obama has said " We are not at war with Islam".
I'm wondering where does this idea come from? Who are those genius speech writers or advisers behind such a deeply shallow and illogical statement?

According to President Obama's statement, It seems we are living in Don Quixote Roman written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and those soldiers and people, who are fighting the Islamic terrorist groups around the globe, are those schizophrenic mosquiters, who are fighting with some water wheels around the world.

Note: You have ruined your reputation enough with your chaotic foreign policy in every corner of the world, Don't make it worse than ever by such statements. For the sake of your own reputation, instead of playing golf, use your time for couple of hours and read the English version of Quran and then make a public statement about Islam.  

M. Sirani                       20.02.2015

Compromise With Greece In A Fair, Reasonable and Logical Manner; Otherwise Face A Huge Earthquake in the Eurozone.

Contemporary world is not 1940s or 1950s, when a country like Germany could stand up on its feet by implementing austerity measures; is neither 1970s, when the Chicago boys could easily divert and change the course of history in a country like Chile; is neither 1980s, when Tacherism and Reaganism could triumphantly conquer different parts of the world in a simple manner.

Deal with Greece in a fair and reasonable manner; otherwise face a huge earthquake in various parts of the eurozone.

M. Sirani                       20.02.2015  

Thursday, February 19, 2015

You Are Like A Sinking Ship, When It Comes to Iran and Its Unlawful Activities in Different Terms.

 As i warned you last year, the Iranian Regime is preparing itself for the occurrence of a tough and difficult situation in the near future. The recent tough and furious speech of Ayatollah Khamenei clearly shows what i'm taking about.

A short clip about Khamenei's speech, which took place yesterday. (Persian Language).

Note: You (the Western countries) are like a sinking ship, when it comes to the Islamic Regime of Iran, its fast growing expansionist influence in the Middle East and some parts of Africa and more importantly its ambitious and adventurous nuclear activities.

M. Sirani                            19.02.2015

Here below is my previous short note (Uploaded last year) in this matter.  

Khamenei's Today Order: Enforcing The Grand Plan of “Resistance Economy” in Iran As Soon As Possible.

Today, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Regime "Ayatollah Khamenei" sent an important proclamation to the heads of all Iran's branches of power. According to this order, all the entities within the Islamic Regime should as soon as possible perform and implement the so-called "Resistance Economy" in the country.
The proclamation, which consists of 24 articles,  outlines the general policies and measures of the Islamic Regime, in different arenas mainly economic terms. We should bear in mind that Khamenei didn't issue such a proclamation during all these years that the international community had imposed severe sanctions on Iran. From this event, we can deduce that the Islamic Regime is preparing itself for the occurrence of some difficult situation somewhere in the future. This is a very important development that should not be underestimated or ignored.

M. Sirani                           19.02.2014

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ISIS and Al-Qaeda Are Easily Transferring Their Members Among the Real Asylum Seekers into the EU From A solid Platform Like Libya; While the European Decision- Makers are in the Hibernation Mode.

Wake up; Al-Qaeda, ISIS and other Islamic Fundamentalist groups are easily deploying their forces into your territories across the EU. Do something, before it's too late. Just imagine a single terrorist attack in Copenhagen /Denmark canceled a simple carnival in Germany. What would happen, if some five or ten individual terrorists would simultaneously perform such horrific acts in some countries within the EU? Can you imagine the disastrous impact of such an event in different terms within the EU?

Note: Pardon me; I forgot, you are busy with Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine and Russia are more vital and important issues than the deployment of Islamic fundamentalist members into the EU. lol

M. Sirani                    18.02.2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bergen: Why Does ISIS Keep Making Enemies?

By such horrific executions and posting them online, ISIS is sending a type of wake up call for all hibernated terror cells around the world. The terrorist attacks in UK, Canada, France and Denmark, for example, are the results of those wake up calls. In this respect, ISIS has successfully approached and mobilized its affiliates across the globe so far.

M. Sirani                   17.02.2015

Egypt's Al Sisi Calls For UN Libya Intervention; A Logical, Reasonable and Nice Move of the Egyptian Authority (17.02.2015).

Such a plan by its own cannot create peace and stability in current chaotic Libya; unless the plan would be designed in a very professional, comprehensive and appropriate manner (particularly in terms of capacity building/ institutions building). Otherwise, is just wasting various types of resources and makes the country worse than what we are observing currently.

M. Sirani                          17.02.2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Possible Trap Designed by ISIS & The Muslim Brotherhood for Egypt: 21 Egyptian-Christians Were Killed By ISIS Affiliate in Libya.

This is a very sad event not just for the Egyptian people but also for the free international community.
There is no doubt that those responsible for this horrific and inhuman act should be held accountable and face the justice.
But this inhuman act performed by ISIS terrorists in Libya should not be the cause of a sudden and emotional response by the Egyptian authority inside the geographical territory of Libya. The current Egyptian government should do whatever it can in order to preserve and maintain the security of its citizens in Libya. But this sad event should not be a reason that Egypt will be directly involved in the chaotic Libyan civil war inside Libya.

The current Egyptian authority should be smart and careful about its vulnerable domestic issues and the presence of hidden Muslim Brotherhood cells across the country. Involving directly in the Libyan civil war will facilitate the best opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize Egypt in a very easy manner.

In this respect, this is the responsibility of the UN and the international community to find a fundamental solution for Libya, not the Egyptian Authority alone.

Note: This might be a possible trap designed by ISIS and The Muslim Brotherhood in order to provoke General Al-Sisi and Egypt. A sudden, emotional and wrong military intervention of Egypt inside Libya would be beneficial for ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in different terms particularly in the long term. Should this happen, the whole Middle East will observe a real and serious explosion.

M. Sirani                                     15.02.2015 

Yesterday's Terrorist Attack in Copenhagen Canceled Today's Carnival in Germany. (Do You Understand the Scope of Fear and Insecurity?)

To those, who claim that the threat of Islamic terrorism is just 2% of the total number of terrorist activities.

M. Sirani                    15.02.2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Deadly Terrorist Attack at Blasphemy Debate in Copenhagen.

Some Western analysts claim that the total terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic Fundamentalists is just 2% in comparison with other terrorist activities. As such, we should not make a big deal out of this issue; we should not stigmatize it; we should avoid Islamophobic behavior.

Such politicians and pundits do not understand or they don't want to understand a simple fact based on many economic, political and Geo-Strategic reasons, which is out of the scope of this short note.

This simple fact is as follows. The total terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic fundamentalists might be 2%. But the scale, scope, impact and the negative effect of this 2%  is more than other 98%. In order to prove the validity of my argument, i use a simple example.

According to the Western countries the Basque group or FARC are two terrorist groups. These two groups directly and indirectly threaten the security and stability (in different terms) of  two political systems mainly in two states not in the whole world. 

But, when the Islamic terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo Magazine in Paris and assassinated those innocent victims,  most of us as writers, painters, cartoonists, artists, etc (who are not living in France) didn't dare to do our job ( for example criticize Islam or Prophet Mohammad) as we did in the past. Moreover, the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris functioned as a wake up call for other hibernated Islamic terrorist cells not only inside France but also in other countries around the world. Today's terrorist attack in Copenhagen is a clear example of such a side effect. In short, this is the time that the international community particularly the Western countries (The USA and the EU) stop with their apologist and appeasement policies toward the Arab countries and the Islamic Regime of Iran and find a comprehensive and fundamental solution for the Islamic terrorism; before it's too late.    

Note: Check the birth rates of Muslim family in your country (UK did it); check all the marshal arts sport centers in your countries (check members, nationalities, religions). Maybe you wake up from hibernation mode and understand what is going on in your countries. 

M. Sirani                                       14.02.2015  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Totally Wrong Policy Against ISIS in Both Iraq And Syria.

I have mentioned this issue in some of my previous short notes and i repeat it again.

Your policy against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria is totally wrong. You are wasting your resources in a wrong manner. In addition, your policy in this matter will be beneficial only (i emphasize only) for the Iranian Regime and Assad's Regime at the end of the road.

For your own sake wake up; open your eyes; there is another plan, which in the final stage would defeat ISIS, decrease the overall influence of Iran in both Iraq and Syria and put an end to the Syrian civil war; of course if you don't want to appease the Iranian Regime for a useless nuclear deal. If you have decided to appease the Iranian Regime for a nuclear deal, i can tell you that your previous and current policy against ISIS (as far as i observe) are in the right track; although, the Iranian Regime constantly shows and pretends its dissatisfaction in various occasions.

Note: I have developed a plan, which would probably achieve those goals mentioned above.

M. Sirani                      12.02.2015

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If You Arm Ukraine No Matter How, Russia will Probably Arm Both Iran and Syria With S-300 or S-400 Missile System in Retaliation.

Thus, be logical and reasonable; do not play with fire. Just think about the future events with Iran (a nuclear-armed Iran, i mean). Are you ready to pay a high price like that for such an unnecessarily move?

Note: Try to understand, which one of those issues would threaten the security and national interest of you and your allies in the regional and international arena. A neutral Ukraine or a nuclear-armed-expansionist Iran equipped with S-300 or S-400?

This is a very simple question.

M. Sirani                       11.02.2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sanctions Brought Iran to the Nuclear Negotiations; You Should Be Too Naive and Shallow, If You Believe to This Story.

In the newly revealed HSBC "Tax Dodge" list, there are the names of 573 Iranians.

You should be too naive and shallow, if you really believe that your economic sanctions have brought Iran to the nuclear negotiations.
Needless to explain about some other cases such as Zarab (in Turkey), Babak Zanjani, the overall illegal secret economic activities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in different terms around the world and the transit drug trafficking of the Iranian Regime from Afghanistan to Europe.

For your own sake; wake up.

M. Sirani                         10.02.2015

As i Predicted Earlier: There is High Probability That Egypt Will Deeply Bandwagon With Russia (10.02.2015).

Wake up; open your eyes and see that we are in the transformation phase of the rise and fall of the empires. Forget the glorious days of colonialism and the cold war era. 

M. Sirani                       10.02.2015

Greece Will Make A Financial Deal with Russia or China, If the EU would Reject its Proposal (As i Predicted Earlier).

This is a fact, Greece can cause a bad headache for the EU, if the Union will reject its proposal. In this respect, Greece can simply make a deal with either China, or Russia, or as i predicted nearly three weeks ago Greece can make a financial deal with the New Development Bank (BRICS). Such a move, will crush the reputation of IMF, the WB and the European Central Bank in the international arena. Here below is my previous note in this matter. I hope those politicians in the USA and EU understand a simple and real fact that: We have entered into a new era. Those powerful old institutions in different financial and military terms cannot impose and enforce their demands easily as they did in the past. Wake up, feel and observe the transformation phase of the rise and fall of empires and consequently the emergence of new international institutions.

M. Sirani                             10.02.2015

Greece Needs Financial Support: A Historical Moment for the New Development Bank (26.011.2015).

Do not push Greece too hard. Greece might declare default and exit from the EU. This is something that neither the EU, nor any other international authority can do anything about it. Should this happen, IMF and the European Central bank would lose a lot. Such a move, in addition, would create a new wave of economic crisis for the EU.
There is something else that the EU, the European Central Bank and IMF should carefully pay attention to it.
If you push Greece too hard, the country might ask the New Development Bank (BRICS group) for bail out and financial help. (I'm pretty sure, Greece will get a much better offer from the New Development Bank).

Note: Thus be logical and reasonable; do not say: Greece cannot get a new hair cut. Try to understand that Greece can get a better new hair cut from some other places. The era of supremacy of the WB and IMF is overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

M. Sirani               26.01.2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Wonder How to Deal with Iran?

Without any direct military confrontation,  the Iranian Regime could be largely and strongly dismantled in many terms in the whole Middle East, by only four international and regional moves. 

M. Sirani                    09.02.2015 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Iran Has Passed the Nuclear Red Line; Wake UP.


Iran has learned: how to enrich uranium; how to build and develop faster nuclear centrifuge; how to buy necessary items in this matter in the black market; how to build a ballistic missile; how to play the seek and hide game; how to delude and deceive the international community by its Good Cup & Bad Cup policy and the efforts of its lobbyists, which are deeply penetrated in various economic, cultural, social, educational and political sectors in the Western countries from the USA up until each one of the EU countries.

In addition, Iran has smartly spread its nuclear plants across the country; one of them i.e. Fordo plant has been built nearly 90 meters under ground; something that the most powerful country in the world cannot do anything at all about them at this progressive stage.

The important point is the following. Iran managed to reach these achievements only due to the Western countries apologist and appeasement policy toward the Islamic Regime in different occasions during the last 20 years up until now.

To put it simply: You are trying to avoid a military confrontation with the Iranian Regime. But, you should understand that your wrong appeasement policy will finally drag you into an useless military confrontation with the Islamic Regime. In other words, you will pay a very high price with regards to Iran's nuclear activity somewhere in the future only because of your wrong,  naive , shallow and appeasement policy.

My suggestion: wake up; in addition to useless nuclear negotiation, try to find and implement a type of damage control policy in this matter. There is a solution in this matter, a solution, which would largely dismantle the Islamic Regime in the region. (By this, i don't mean direct military confrontation with Iran; not at all).

Note: Although, i'm fully aware that when it comes to foreign policy,  the Obama administration has  wrongly put all its eggs in the basket of an useless nuclear deal with the Islamic Regime in Iran.

M. Sirani                                08.02.2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

You Never Win the War in Ukraine.

The Western Countries (the USA + the EU):

You might be able to gain enormous benefit by selling various types of weapons to Ukraine.
You might be able to destroy the whole Ukraine through this unnecessary tension and consequently will get some wealthy contracts for reconstruction of the whole country

But remember:
By this wrong policy, you are sinking Ukraine in more debt and you will never win the conflict in Ukraine. Simply because, you are dreaming and stagnating in the glorious days of cold war era, which does not exist anymore and at the same time, you have absolutely no idea, what types of leverages Russia has not only in Ukraine but also in the Balkan States. Whether you like or not, this is fact, which you should understood it during the last  couple of months useless struggle in that country.  Admit it simply that your coup d'etat or so-called Purple Revolution in Ukraine was and is counterproductive and reach nowhere.

M. Sirani                         06.02.2014

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Western Countries: You are Ruining Ukraine; You Will Lose the Battle not Only in Ukraine But Also in Other Parts of the EU Including the Balkan States.

You are playing with fire. You have absolutely no idea about the devastating consequences of your wrong policy in Ukraine. You are stagnated in 1950s , 1960s.

M. Sirani                            05.02.2015

Norway Planning to Jail People Who Offer Food, Money or Shelter to the Homeless ( A Clear Assassination of All Moral and Ethical Principles).

This move is a clear assassination of all moral and ethical principles; this proposal is a fundamental violation of basic human rights. I'm wondering, who are the genius law makers behind this plan?

These genius law makers would have executed Anna Frank for helping and sheltering the Jewish people according to this proposal, if she was alive at the present time and lived in Norway.

If you want to ruin the reputation of Norway and Norwegian people in the whole history of human kind, approve this disastrous law. Shame on those law makers; shame on.

Note: I believe this is the time that all Norwegian human rights organizations including the Norwegian Helsinki Committee forget the human rights conditions around the globe and use some of their resources to improve the basic human rights condition in Norway itself. Moreover, there is much more deeper and darker point behind this proposal that no one including the Norwegian cultural and educational institutions do not pay serious attention to it. The dark point is the level of knowledge of those Norwegian people, who elected such genius law makers in the previous election. This is an important issue that Norwegian authority should work on it in a much more proper, professional and comprehensive manner. Otherwise, the country will face some type of abnormality in various form somewhere in the future.

M. Sirani                                        05.02.2015 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Deadly Shell Hits A Hospital in the Rebel-Held City of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine.

The UN, USA and all the EU countries are responsible for the killing of innocent civilians in Ukraine. I warned about these types of tragic events in some earlier posts. Here below is one of those short notes.

M. Sirani              04.02.2015

Warning: Prevent A Possible Ethnic Cleansing in Ukraine. 

Speaking at DAVOS today, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia for its direct intervention and meddling in the country's civil war. In this speech, President Poroshenko stated that Russia has deployed 9000 troops into Ukraine in order to back the Russian separatists.

Regarding this claim, some considerations are in order.
The presence of some Russians in the Ukrainian civil war is a simple fact, which cannot be denied by anyone neither by the officials in the Kremlin. This issue, however, is not the most important part of the story.The important issue in this matter is how and in which way these Russian citizens have joined the civil war in Ukraine. In this respect, we face some questions as follows.

1- Has Moscow deployed its military troops into Ukraine as Presidnet Poroshenko, NATO officials and some Western politicians repeatedly claim?
If this accusation has a strong foundation, either the Ukrainian authority or NATO officials should provide some credible and reliable evidence for the UN and the international community. As far as i know, neither Ukraine, nor NATO, nor some of the Western politicians have not been able to offer a clear and reasonable evidence in this matter. As such, we are left with one possibility, which is that some Russian citizens would voluntarily join the civil war in Ukraine in order to help ethnic Russians in this battle.

In this respect, we cannot point the finger at Kremlin and blame Moscow. Simply because, we are living in an unlawful era that voluntarily joining any intrastate, interstate, extrastate or a civil war for every citizen is allowed. So is the case of those Kurdish people in Turkey, who are joining the fight against ISIS in Syria or Iraq in order to support the Kurdish people in those areas. So is the case of those American or European citizens, which are joining the fight in different parts of the world in order to help a religious or ethnic minority. In any of these cases, we can criticize an authority for its negligence and reluctance in this matter, but we cannot directly accuse that authority for deploying its troop to another state; unless, we would be able to underpin the accusation with some reliable and credible evidence and document.

2- The second question is with regards to the number of 9000 Russian troops claimed by the Ukrainian President. I'm wondering, based on which evidence, document and how the Ukrainian President have come up with such an exact and clear number.

This exact number leads my mind to something else. (I hope, my assumption in this matter is wrong).
I think, this 9000 figure is an average number of the Ukrainian rebels, who are fighting against Kiev in the eastern part of Ukraine. By this type of remark, that Russia has sent 9000 troops into Ukraine, Kiev is facilitating the ground and preparing the public opinion for a massive offensive move somewhere in the near future. A huge, broad and massive military offensive move, which in, Kiev would be able to fully seize the control in the eastern part of the country and consequently force the rebels to completely leave Ukraine towards Russia. A type of invisible Ethnic Cleansing.

The chance for occurring such a scenario might not be very high. But the massive negative consequences of such a move in different terms, tell us: we should be aware of intensifying conflict in Ukraine.

Note: It should be mentioned that in case of performing such a plan by Kiev, Moscow will directly involve the battle and consequently occupy the whole country in a very short period of time. In sum, I hope Kiev and its Western allies avoid miscalculation and furthermore understand the negative consequences and side effects of such a wrong move.

M. Sirani                                  21.01.2015    

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Arming Vigilante in Nigeria???? Are You out of Your Mind?


The Nigerian authority has begun arming vigilante in order to defeat Buko Haram. This move might temporarily be effective and consequently might weaken the power and influence of Buko Haram in some parts of the country.
But this is not the end of the story. Something that the Nigerian authority and those, who have designed this plan, have not thought about it is that what will happen to the armed vigilante in the final part of this story. Who and which powerful authority will be able to disarm the vigilante in a country like Nigeria, which does not have any democratic institutes and the majority of the people are living under poverty line.

The future scenario for Nigeria: a broad civil war in different parts of the country, worse than what we observe nowadays. So will be the case of Mexico as well. (Avoid Mirror Imaging for god sake).

M. Sirani                          03.02.2015  

Exclusive: ISIS Burned the Captured Jordanian Pilot alive in a Cage (The Whole World is on the Hibernation Mode).

and the whole world is just watching,,,,,,,,,,,i'm speechless.

So sad.

I'm wondering, when those 60 states (members of the coalition)  would try to demolish this terrorist organization in a fundamental and comprehensive manner. Are they waiting for more atrocity and barbaric behavior from ISIS?

M. Sirani                    03.02.2015

Do not Waste Your Money, Energy and Time in the U.S. 2016 Election By Wrong Choices.

The following candidates Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton have absolutely no chance for 2016 presidential election, each from different angles.
For example and simply because:
Mitt Romney has tried his chance twice. That's enough.

Needless to explain about Sarah Palin. Her immature comments in various occasions have been ruining the prestige of not only the Republican Party but also the credibility of the whole U.S. political system domestically and internationally.

Donald Trump thinks being the president of the most powerful country in the world is like being the president of Trump Empire and he can govern it with some term such as " You are fired". He might be a good business man in his private life, but as a U.S. presidential candidate, he will lose easily simply by two simple questions about the U.S. foreign policy during the debates.

When it comes to the chance of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, we are facing another issue. In this respect, not only the U.S. citizens but also the international community have been experiencing the chaotic foreign policy of the Obama administration in various parts of the world during the last couple of years. There is no doubt that this weak and chaotic foreign policy will impact the chance of Democrats including Hillary Clinton in this election in a very negative way.

As i have repeatedly mentioned in some earlier posts, the Republican has many chance and advantage to win the U.S. 2016 election; of course, if the Party choose a smart candidate (Younger and well educated person) and carries out some reforms in the traditional parts of the Party's program. If the Republican Party would manage to follow these two simple issues, the party would be able to easily win the next election without any doubt and hassle.

By the way, Senator John McCain has also no chance to win the next election. Don't ask me why.

M. Sirani                        03.02.2015                        

Monday, February 2, 2015

Warning: $ 3 Billion Dollars Military Assistance to Ukraine at This Critical Stage is a Clear Violation of the International Law and Convention.

Don't tell us you are thinking about Ukraine and Ukrainian people.
Don't tell us you are trying to find a solution for the civil war in Ukraine.

Do not throw your jargon in the media; we are neither retarded, nor illiterate nor dumb.
Forget Ukraine and the devastating situation of Ukrainian people; just tell us how much the military industry will pay you in terms of commission following this military contract.

Note: Those, who are behind this move, are directly responsible for the killing of innocent people in Ukraine. 

These genius so-called "Problem-Solver" should understand: 
1- Ukraine is struggling with a devastating civil war. 2- Exporting weapon and military equipment to a country, which is struggling with civil war, is prohibited according to the international laws and conventions.

It's funny the USA had put extra pressure on France to do not sell military ship to Russia. In this respect, France lost a beneficial economic opportunity. Now the USA itself, wants to sign a $ 3 billion dollars military contract with Ukraine. Nice method to weakens a competitor and impose its supremacy. So was the case of many German, Norwegian, and other EU countries businesses. 

The winners and losers of current tension in Ukraine are as follows based on the scale.

The losers:
1- Ukraine and Ukrainian people.
2- The EU countries, which had some types of business with Ukraine and Russia.
3- Russia.

The Winner:

1- Only the USA.

For your own sake; wake up. 

M. Sirani                                    02.02.2015 

Sunday, February 1, 2015