Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Russia Will Probably Need A New Type of Tartus Naval Base in Greece Ports. This is Something that Those Genius in Troika Don't Understand it.

Heavily Indebted Greece Can Knockdown the EU, Euro and NATO. Do Not Underestimate Greece.

Grexit From the EU Might End UP to Grexit From NATO Somewhere in the Future.


Those genius decision makers in Troika should not underestimate Greece. The negative consequences of Grexit will badly shake the Western countries in different terms including in security and military arenas. There is some possibility as follows.
When the European Union particularly the Troika don't consider the difficult situation of Greek People and Greece and kick the country out of the Union, why on earth would, for example, Greece stay in NATO and spend 2.5 % of its GDP at this difficult period in a huge costly organization like NATO?
Greece should cut its unnecessary expenses in order to survive the current difficult situation. As such, the country should find another way to earn some money. Greece has good geopolitical position with regards to Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, which are attractive for some other countries such as Russia and China. Greece can easily allow Russian or Chinese naval forces use these areas and earn some amount of money by this move. It would be a perfect opportunity for Russia, for example, to have a new naval base in Greece in addition to Tartus in Syria. In short, Grexit and its negative consequences will damage the Western countries in different terms. In other words, Grexit will probably shatter the EU, Euro Zone and also NATO.  

M. Sirani                    30.06.2015

Friday, June 26, 2015

27 Innocent People, Mostly Foreign Tourists, Killed in Tunisia Following A Terrorist Attack.

As long as most of the Western politicians and those so-called "genius pundits" are in the hibernation mode with regards to the serious threat of Islamic Fundamentalism, we will be surprised by Islamic terrorists in various terms and forms. Here below is one of my previous brief notes about the unstable condition of Tunisia.

M. Sirani                   26.06.2015          

Reevaluate Your Analysis About Tunisia; There is An Islamic Volcano beneath the Tunisian Society.  

Those pundits and politicians, who following the latest election in Tunisia predicted that the country is smoothly on the path of democracy and secularism, should reevaluate their prediction in this matter. As i have mentioned in my earlier posts, there is an ongoing Islamic volcano beneath the Tunisian society, which should neither be underestimated nor ignored. Today's terrorist attack shows how critical the situation in Tunisia is and what type of danger is mostly threatening the peace and stability in this country at the present as well as in the future.

Note: Needless to explore the Geo-strategic position of Tunisia and its neighboring position with a chaotic and failed-state such as Libya in this matter.

M. Sirani                          18.03.2015

The Shadow of Imminent Long Period Terror All Over the Europe.

You Ignored What I had Warned You Two Years Ago.

Here below is part of my essay entitled: An assessment about the current civil war in Syria. This essay was written on August, 2013. Some viewers might be interested to go through some of my predictions in that time about the consequences of the Syrian civil war; some predictions that we are dealing with them currently in Iraq, Syria itself, Lebanon and lone wolf attacks in the western countries, etc.  The Flux of migrants has facilitated the best way for ISIS and other terrorist groups to deploy their agents into the EU.

M. Sirani                     26.06.2015

7- Some Consequences of the Syrian Civil War:
Whether we are supporting Bashar Assad or its opponents or are neutral, we should pay attention to some of the consequences of the Syrian civil war. Analyzing these consequences is very important, because some of them might occur beyond the Syrian geographical territory within the country that we live in. Some of these consequences are briefly as follows.
1- The first and important issue is the large number of human casualties and near-total destruction of the country’s infrastructure. We should not be genius to anticipate that this issue would be devastating for Syria, the Syrian people and the neighboring countries for some decades to come.

2- The second issue is about the overall effect of the civil war on the life of the Syrian people. This issue has caused that more than 1.6 million people have fled Syria and taken refuge abroad in some countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and some North African countries. We should bear in mind that we are talking about more than 500,000 Syrian refugees in a country such as Lebanon with a population size of 4.2 million, or nearly 500,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan with a population size of almost 6 million people, etc. The large numbers of the Syrian refugees are the huge burden on the shoulders of all these states, the international organizations as well as NGOs. In the long term, this issue would cause many problems in different arenas including security for all these countries. As an example, asylum seekers and refuges are the most vulnerable groups around the world; because, in most cases they don not have proper access to their basic needs and rights. As such, some members of this vulnerable group would become the easiest preys for different criminal organizations as well as Jihadist groups. This issue is also applicable for some of the Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Given the fact that most of these countries mentioned above do not have a powerful, stable and reliable political system and the Syrian civil war has entered in the new phase of a conflict between the Shiite and Sunni groups, we can anticipate that the presence of large numbers of the Syrian refugees would threaten the peace, stability and security of some countries in the Middle East in the long term.
There is also another important issue with regard to the Syrian refugees. What these refugees would do, if Assad’s regime would manage to survive this civil war? Given the fact that some of these refugees, themselves or their relatives are fighting against Assad’s regime, would they dare to return to Syria in the future? Who / which powerful international entity would be able to provide and maintain their security in Syria under the rule of Bashar Assad? On the contrary, if Assad’s regime would collapse somewhere in the future, who, or which powerful entity would be able to provide and maintain security for those Shiite or Alawites people, who have supported Bashar Assad or neutrally have behaved during this conflict?

3- The overall presence of Hezbollah in this conflict and increasing numbers of conflict between the Shiite and Sunni groups in different countries in the region illustrate the fact that eventually, the Syrian civil war would spread to some other neighboring countries in the Middle East. In this respect, the two countries of Lebanon and Iraq are the most vulnerable states.

4- The Syrian civil war has facilitated the best environment in terms of training, access to different facilities such as money, weapon, and network building for all Jihadists around the world. This chaotic environment functions like an academic institute for all Islamic fundamentalists including novice Jihadists, who enter Syria legally or illegally from different borderlines. After a while, these novice Jihadists would be expert in different military tactics and strategic matters such as using different types of weapons - explosive materials, organizing, surviving in harsh and difficult circumstances, network building, etc. The important and tricky point is the time that these jihadists would decide to return to their countries of origin, whether is somewhere in the Middle East or the EU or some other countries around the world. In this respect, we can anticipate that each of these jihadists would function as an ambassador of terror and would be able to organize and establish a terror cell in his /her country of origin.

5- This is the fact that the Kurdish people has been one of the most marginalized and deprived groups in Syria. The Syrian Kurds live mostly in the northern part of Syria along the southern border of Turkey and partly the northern border of Iraq. During the chaotic atmosphere of the civil war, the Syrian Kurds might decide to establish an either autonomous or a Kurdish self-regulated region in the northern part of Syria. This issue would threaten the sovereignty of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. As a result, it would create extra instability and tension in the region.

6- We should bear in mind that some of these consequences, inevitability, would also affect the Israeli–Palestinian peace process to some degree.
All mentioned above, indicates the fact that the consequences of the Syrian civil war from different angles and to some degrees would be devastating not just for the Syrian people or the country of Syria, but also for all of us, no matter whom we are or where we live.

Note: You "so-called smart guys", ignored what i had warned you nearly two years ago. 

M. Sirani                               08.01.2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Iran's Guardian Council Approved the Bill Amid A Possible Nuclear Deal With 5+1.

Today, Iran's effective upper house of Parliament, the Guardian Council approved the bill amid the details of a possible nuclear deal between Iran and 5+1. The law is clearly describing Iran's red lines in a possible nuclear deal. Here below are the most important parts of the newly approved law.

According to the law:

1- All the sanctions should be removed the day that Iran and 5+1 are signed the deal.

2- Based on the charter approved by Iran's Supreme National Security Council, the IAEA will be allowed to visit Iran's nuclear sites in an approved standard manner.
But, some issues such as accessing and visiting the military, security or sensitive non-nuclear sites or contacting Iran's nuclear scientists and pundits are out of the question and are absolutely forbidden.

3- Iran will not accept any limitation with regards to research and development of its nuclear program.

Note: You are free to make any deal with the Clero-Totalitarian Regime of Iran; but when it comes to a possible nuclear deal, never ever use some terms such as reliability, verification and transparency. Simply, because the whole world is laughing at your joke.

M. Sirani             24.06.2015

Watch Khamenei's Speech and Wake Up From Your Dogmatic and Dreamful Slumber.

For watching the event, please visit the following link.

Note: As long as you are listening to the advises and orders of the Iranian Regime's lobbies, you are ending up into failure and fiasco. 

M. Sirani                      24.06.2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

According to Some Documents Released Recently By Wikileaks: In 2012, Iran Has Transported Advanced Nuclear Equipment Including Centrifuge to Sudan.

Khamenei in His Today's Speech: We Will Not Allow The Foreign Inspectors Visit the Military Sites. (Obama & Kerry's Nuclear Deal is Fully Verifiable!!!!).

Free Fall

Once in a while
Let the wild wind 
Flies your dream 
Into the deepest point 
Of the universe
Where no one
Can touch it
Except the one
Who admires you
Except the one
Who deserves you

M. Sirani     23.06.2015


Wherever we live, whoever we are
Let’s all together, simultaneously
Hand in hand, united and organized
With full force and power we have
Push all the mountains on the Earth
Toward a single direction: the North
By this move, we might be able to shift
The current unfair rotation of the Earth
In the favor of billions deprived people

M. Sirani                 23.06.2015

Viva Machiavelli

Like always, our genius princes
Are busy with their ancient game:
The inherent game of fox and lion;
The old game of power, coercion,
Fear, horror, deception, exploitation,
Plundering and sucking the wealth;
Along with their intrinsic addiction:
The countless scandalous secrets.
Viva immortal phantom of Machiavelli
The twin brother of our genius princes  

M. Sirani             23.06.2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Deep in

Deep in:
             Your cute eyes are
             The oceans of numerous lovely secrets
             Your soft lips are
             The blooms of countless sweet whispers
             Your decent heart is
             The sanctuary of unending pure virtues
             Your elegant spirit is
             The temple of endless delicate humors
             Your gentle presence is
             The sacred space of eternal happiness

           M. Sirani                    20.06.2015

One Day

Eventually, in a beautiful sunny day
When the sky is full of passionate birds
While you are dancing solo on the cloud
And your hairs are charming the air
The wind will whisper into your ears
The untold words of a soulless heart

 M. Sirani            21.06.2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

An Elegy For My Motherland Iran

 Cry out my motherland
That instead of high-flying eagles
The ugly vultures have built the nest
On the top of your centuries old wisdom tree
Cry out my motherland
That instead of savior lions
The disgusting roar of dirty hyenas has resonated
Deep inside your centuries old glorious mountain
Cry out my motherland
That instead of mighty thunderbolt
The honest fireflies have desperately tried to illuminate
Your centuries old eclipse with their poor flashlights
Cry out my motherland
That instead of the unique sun
The mass sunflowers have naively turned their faces to every spark
In the middle of your centuries old total darkness
Cry out my motherland
That instead of wise harvest
The endless intellectual famine has dried the roots of every plant
Deep inside your centuries old enlightenment’s plain
Cry out my motherland
For those barren swallows
That would mournfully leave your gloomy sky
Hoping in vain to taste the free flight in an earthly Aden
Cry out my motherland
For those unborn swallows
That will pay an eternal heavy price
For our historical neglect and failure
Cry out my motherland
For your painful destiny
For your ominous future
For your cold-blooded history

M. Sirani       19.06.2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Praise Your Shadow, Instead of God

No matter young or elderly
Rich or poor; healthy or sick
Cute or ugly; Happy or sad
Tall or short; obese or skinny
Genius or dumb; up or down
Shadow is the only visible mate
That never leaves you unnoticed
In each second the sun is shining 
Thus, in lieu of your divine God
Praise your terrific viable shadow
For its honest and constant sodality

M. Sirani         17.06.2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Numbness Epoch

There is no more Mona Lisa around
Nor a miraculous Serenade in the air
Even the inexhaustible Old Guitarist
That once could enchant the world
Does not move his magic fingers
It seems we are journeying through
Another endless numbness epoch
Where time, space and just a few    
Are the only conscious pilgrims
The rest are some darned ghosts,
Masked with copies of the Scream,
Hoping in vain that their silent notes
Are reaching the ears of divine universe
A group of happy baffled slaves
Who deem they are really experiencing
The essence of life, love and happiness
While are breathing their own extinction
In this fussy period, just a few are awake
A few sober pilgrims, who are struggling
To find an everlasting escape hatch, in order
To rescue the residents of global Platonic Cave

M. Sirani                   16.06.2015


Monday, June 15, 2015

Two Major Surprises At the End of June.

The world will highly likely observe two major surprise at the end of June, which each one of them will shake the whole world in different terms and scales. These surprises are 1- Dead-end Iran's nuclear talks and 2- Grexit.

M. Sirani                 15.06.2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015


The wicked pointers of the clock
Are devilishly moving backward  
Each second seems an endless trip
Deep inside an infinite black hole
Where time, space and black matter
Are passing each other like strangers

M. Sirani             13.06.2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Genuine Love

A Genuine Love 

I might not be able to define a true love
But I’m pretty sure a genuine love is not
A pure desire only for sexual satisfaction
Neither a certain escape hatch for solitude
Nor an inherent trait for a specific gender
Nor a rich article for business or beggary  
Nor an abstract chapter in a celestial book 
Nor a legally binding contract on a paper
Nor a spiritual ceremony in a holy temple
Nor an opportunistic gate for hitchhiking
Nor a deceptive departure from calamity         
Nor an eternal ride in an one-way avenue
Nor an enjoyable playground for truancy
Nor a legitimate bal masques for teasing
Nor a morally right coverage for adultery
Nor a fair base for slaying an innocent soul

Nor a lawful stage for destroying a destiny

M. Sirani                        11.06.2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Deploying Extra Troops to Iraq, While You Have Absolutely No Reliable Strategy Against ISIS, Is the Sign of a Total Confusion; An Act of Pure Desperation.

The Regressive Evolution.

Once upon a time, while the Earth was rotating on its humanitarian axis; when mankind had not created any God yet; when the faked God’s prophets were not begotten yet; when carnage, greed and conquest were not identified as the divine compassions in any celestial book; when no crusade was plotted yet; when powder, steel, compass, shallop and slave ship were not discovered in the Occident yet; when those holy voyages were not started yet; the world was an earthy Aden full of endowment for all. In those glorious days, we were righteously moving on the natural and gradual path of a Progressive Evolution; a normal and steady transition, which was equally necessary, mandatory and beneficial for all. From those heavenly days, too many miserable days, weeks, months, years and centuries have passed. From all those majestic eras, there have remained only some fancy words and dreamy stories in our dusty books. This ominous event indicates a harsh fact that we have entered into a new era: The Era of Regressive Evolution. An era, which %1 of the world population lives in an endless paradise, while the other %99 suffers in an eternal hell. That’s the inauspicious destiny of mankind nowadays.    

M. Sirani                            10.06.2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Waiting for the Failure of Iran's Nuclear Talks on June 30, Retirement of Lady Sherman and See How Jesus would Help the Obama Administration.

Iran's adventurous nuclear activity is functioning like a Bermuda Triangle. It sucks all of you in without any tangible result. Wonder why?
Because all of you are just dreaming. You are like a desperate gambler, who bets with his/her last penny in a delusional hope to win a couple of millions dollars.

M. Sirani                    09.06.2015 

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Developed Countries Should Be Prepared For The Great Humanitarian Tectonics in the Next Couple of Years.

In the next couple of years, almost all industrialized countries (particularly the EU, which is easily reachable) will face a great Humanitarian Tectonics. During this huge transformation, many migrants from the two continents of Africa and Asia will move from their motherlands toward the developed countries. This could be the greatest wave of human migration in the entire human history so far. What we observe these days is just the tip of a giant iceberg. A large portion of human community do not / cannot anymore tolerate poverty, undemocratic political system, civil war and in short the extreme misery.

Note: Put your feet in their shoes: Would you like to suffer and die in the extreme misery or move to a better place?

M. Sirani                          09.06.2015

Note: Humanitarian Tectonics derives from Plate Tectonics. 

Burying Me Alive.

Burying Me Alive
Sun seems an empty inert circle
Moon looks like a soulless bubble
The sky is ugly cloudy every where
And i’m paralyzed in my horrific cocoon   
That’s my real story when you are not around
Your absence is burying me alive; can’t you feel it?

M. Sirani                     08.06.2015

Saudi Arabia Hosting UN Human Rights Conference on Religious Freedom. (The Era of Total Stupidity, Absurdity, Confusion and Degradation of Humanitarian Values).

This stupid idea is hypothetically similar to appointing Hitler as an UN representative for defending the rights of Jewish people. Shame on those decision makers in this matter.

Those genius UN decision makers in this matter should urgently arrange appointment with the best 1- Neurosurgeon and 2- Psychologist around the world. Their brains are totally out-railed.

Note: Get the oil money under the table and do what ever your filthy and dirty mind demand in secret. But don't degrade the basic human values with such a stupid and absurd move.

M. Sirani                        08.06.2015                            

Sunday, June 7, 2015

EU Delegation Was Prevented From Talking to Foreign Media in Tehran, Due to the Order of Iranian Regime Security Forces.

Just pay attention to the smiley faces of Rouhani and Zarif. The rest is going to be okay loooooooool. Just remind you to one more issue and that is: try to hide your naivety from media outlet; of course, if you don't want to commit a political suicide.

M. Sirani                           07.06.2015

Beginning From the Next Week, Russia Will Import 500,000 Barrels of Oil From Iran Each Day. By This Move Iran Simply Says: Catch Me If You Can. (07.06.2015).

Congratulations. Imposing sanctions on Iran, if Iran would not meet its commitments!!! Sweet dreams.

Note: Does anyone have any prediction about the future perspective of this particular move? (Not just economically).

M. Sirani                   07.06.2015

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Could Have Shown You.

Could have shown you
How love birds are flirting
Secretly under torrential rain
When the sky is rumbling
Could have shown you
How lonely stars are blinking
Bashfully in a sultry night
When the moon is pausing
Could have shown you
How red roses are making love
Softly in an early vernal morning
When the entire world is sleeping
Could have shown you
How the universe is rolling
Infinitely in an eternal path
When the wisdom is vanishing
Could have shown you
How butterflies are crying
Quietly in a mournful night
When a candle is kissing the fire
Could have shown you
How a lover’s heart is bleeding
Silently deep inside the chest
When the lips are boldly smiling
Could have shown you
Countless hidden wonders
Could have shown you
A terrestrial Aden on earth
I could have shown you
I could have shown you

M. Sirani          06.06.2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Universal Symphony of Freedom and Equality.

The Universal Symphony of Freedom and Equality

You might be able to deprive me from all universal rights by all means. But, you can’t deny my factual presence, because I truly exist. You might be able to chain my soul in an extremely dirty cage. But you can’t keep me silent; cause my rebellious soul escapes from every Bastillion prison like a free bird. You might be able to cut out my tongue with the best sword you have, in a sense that I can’t spell a single word anymore. But, you can’t keep me silent; Cause my sharp words penetrate through every solid dam you build. You might be able to crush all my fingers under the heaviest hammer you have, in a sense that I can’t hold a single pen anymore. But again, you can’t keep me silent; cause my intense roar awakens hundreds hibernated birds around the world. You might be able to lock me down, blindfolded in the deepest and darkest crypt in your horrendous filthy castle, in a sense that I can’t feel the magic warmth of the sun anymore. But again, you can’t keep me silent; cause my heartsome thoughts reach thousands marginalized birds around the globe through the air. You might be able to slice my body into pieces and throw away each part in every hot, arid, and uninhabitable desert around the world, in an effort to totally erase my existence from human history. But again, you can’t keep me silent anymore. Because, each slice of my body sends out root, flourish and become a robust tree. Each tree would become a permanent sacred sanctuary for millions exhausted, and deprived love birds around the world, which all of them constantly and simultaneously perform a single universal symphony: The Universal Symphony of Freedom and Equality. You can’t keep me silent anymore, because I orchestrate the miraculous notes of the symphony by my sharp and explicit words beyond your will, power and dysfunctional authority. You can’t keep me silent anymore, because, I frankly exist; because I’m the original voice of billions oppressed love birds around the world.  

M. Sirani                        05.06.2015
Dedicated to billions marginalized, deprived and oppressed people around the world.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thanks to The Greedy Troika, It Seems the Waves of Surprises Are Under Way. Fasten Your Seatbelts, If You are Within the EU.

In the Next Coming Days or Weeks, We Might Witness More Heart Attack, Stroke, Suicide, Car, Train, Plane Crash Around the World. FIFA is Finally Under Microscope.

A Grand Metamorphosis.

A Grand Metamorphosis

Deep inside me, something strange is happening. It seems a thousand years old volcano is gradually awakening from the remote part of my so far, untouchable heart; a roaring volcano that its impatient eruption is accompanied with a profound change. A huge transformation, a type of grand metamorphosis that enables me: to touch anyone’s mind and soul thousands miles away without any single physical move; to relocate every heavy mountain without any single hit; to reach every star in the sky without any flying machine; to catch the moon and sun in my hands without any protective tool; to fly to the farthest corner of the infinite universe without any spaceship; to beat every powerful army in the world without any gun, sword, or any bow and arrow; just by sincere words; just by naked words.  That’s the ultimate power; the power of…..

M. Sirani                     04.06.2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Unchangeable Demands of Iran in An Emerging Nuclear Deal.

Here below are the unchangeable demands of the Iranian Regime in an emerging nuclear deal with 5+1.

1- Iran will never allow any foreign individual or entity including IAEA visit its military sites.

2- Iran will never allow any foreign individual or entity have a conversation with the Iranian nuclear scientists.

3- Iran will not discuss any regional event during the nuclear negotiation with 5+1.

Considering these demands, would an emerging nuclear deal with Iran be a credible, reliable and verifiable agreement?

M. Sirani                             02.06.2015

A Ditty: If

If you are

If you truly are a pure follower
Of the One you taught me about
In your secret and obvious life
Then trust me and come closer
Touch my old exhausted finger
And taste a miraculous world

M. Sirani                02.06.2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Poem: Drowned Sea Migrant

Drowned Sea Migrant

While watching furious ocean
I’m getting older and older
Older than the human misery
Older than the human sorrow
In such a tragic circumstance
Something is following me
The shadow of my ancestors
My foolish failed ancestors                               
That still wants to sacrifice me 
Unfairly, unjustly and wildly
Before their almighty Aegaeon
Deep in every free ocean and sea
I’m an ill-favored doomed heir
I’m a drowned sea migrant

M. Sirani                        01.06.2015

Dedicated to those unknown sea migrants, who have been drowning in the FREE international waters around the world.