Monday, August 31, 2015

In a Hypocritical and Machiavellian Manner, I Can Support the Current Nuclear Deal with Iran.


As an individual, I can close my eyes to all the negative consequences of the current nuclear deal with Iran and support this deal in a unfair hypocritical and Machiavellian manner by considering two important issues including:

1-The first issue is developing the nuclear weapon.  Based on my logical knowledge about the Islamic Regime, its ideological characteristic, its short and long term goal in the Middle East and Africa, i'm pretty sure that the regime will highly likely obtain nuclear weapon somewhere in the future less than 15 years that Obama administration claims. Moreover, due to the fact that Iran has conducted explosive test in 2000, i believe there is high probability that Iran has managed to develop the nuclear bomb at this stage, as i have briefly noted this issue in some of my previous notes. The only thing that Iran needs at this stage in a long range ballistic missile.

2- The history has shown us that no political system would survive and last for ever particularly a clero-totalitarian political system like the Islamic Regime. In other words, sooner or later, maybe in my life time maybe not, the Islamic Regime will finally be overthrown somewhere in the future. Should this happen, my generation or future generation of Iran will seize the political power in a country, i.e. Iran, which is a member of the nuclear armed states club. To put it simply, the current or future generation of Iran will have a solid guarantee to use the nuclear weapon as a defensive/ deterrence factor in a chaotic and volatile region like the Middle East.  

If you as the western countries are happy with this deal;  by considering the two simple facts noted above, in a Machiavellian manner, i can also fully support the current nuclear deal. But i won't. Because, i know this weak deal will inflame the scope of tension and conflict in the whole Middle East and North Africa in different terms.

M. Sirani                   01.09.2015

Rouhani: Terrorism is The Foundation of Israeli Regime; A Global Will is Required to Wipe Out Terror.

The latest statement of Hassan Rouhani with regards to Israel, which has been founded and continues to survive on terrorism and how a "global will" is required to wipe out terror (Presstv, 2015).

Khomeini, Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and other politicians in Iran also have been saying:
We should wipe out Israel from the world.

Note: Shallow minded, opportunist and apologist politicians do not want to see the reality. One day, they would understand, which will be too late. Needless to explore more.

M. Sirani                     31.08.2015 

Press TV, 2015:

Friday, August 28, 2015

سرگردان در بعد زمان (Persian Piece)

سایه‌هایی‌ سرگردان در بعد زمانیم 

که با چشمانی باز، اما بی‌ فروغ

در حسرت شکوفه‌های بهار نامده

زمستان را با شتابی حماقت گونه در می‌‌نوردیم

بی‌ آنکه زیبایی برف را حس کرده باشیم

مهران سیرانی                    26.08.2015                                                                                        

Lost in Time

Lost in Time
With wide open but misty eyes
Like darned ghosts
Lost in the fourth dimension
We are keenly looking forward
To smell the premature blossoms of the upcoming spring;
While, we are passing through the winter
At an unbelievably insane speed
Without tasting the endless beauty of the snow

M. Sirani                   28.08.2015

The Refugees Tragedy; Not Migrant

First of all stop playing the game of words. These desperate people are refugees, who have escaped from war zones from various parts of the Asia and Africa; not migrants. Second of all, Shut down the insulting charities; stop with the crocodile tears. Instead, force your political system to change its wrong, greedy, interventionist and exploitation policy with regards to the developing countries; if you’re really concerned in this matter. This is a simple fact that every honest, mentally and intellectually normal human being should understand that: when it comes to the dignity, respect and right to have a decent life, these desperate refugees should have the same rights and opportunities, just like you, me and the rest of international human community.

  M. Sirani                 28.08.2015 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The U.S. Fight Against ISIS Nears the $4 billion Mark And Nobody Asks: What Have You Achieved After All With This Huge Amount of Tax Money????

In response to the question mentioned above, i can say:

Those policy & decision makers involved in this matter are some supper lucky staff, if they still hold their job position.

M. Sirani                              26.08.2015

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Summer Rain or (Seasonal Side Effect).

Each armed with and sheltered
Under a single colorful umbrella
Apparently happy; well protected
While not only the cold winter
The hot summer also by its rain
Cultivated the seed of individualism
Deep in their unconscious mind

M. Sirani         24.08.2015

Sunday, August 23, 2015

How a Worthless Ashley Madison Website Can Threaten the Security At Various Level.


The hacking of Ashley Madison website and the notion that nearly 15000 genius officials and pundits (As far as i know) have been the members of this website, clearly show that how a worthless website can cause a series of threat and insecurity in various terms at national, regional and global level.

Note: Needless to explore how the membership of such a cheap website can be used as the simple source of extortion and blackmail in the hands of any wrong people or authority against any high ranking officials and pundits. In this respect, i don't defend nor blame the hackers, although they have done something illegal. Instead, i look at the bright side of the story by saying that the hacker or hackers of the Ashley Madison website taught a good lesson to us by this move and illustrated a huge loophole in our Security-Cyber world. Those governmental or non-governmental entities involved in this scandal should clean the mess up as soon as possible and strongly avoid similar disaster in their organizations in the future.

M. Sirani                      23.08.2015

It's Probably the Time to Welcome Iran to the Nuclear Armed Club States; Of course, if You Don't Want to Delude Yourself.


According to the Western Intelligence, Iran has conducted nuclear explosive test in Parchin Site in 2000 (Politico, 2015).

If the above information is true and correct, then there is high probability that Iran has reached the so-called "nuclear threshold" with regards to the military dimension of its nuclear program. This idea makes sense if we simply consider the three important issues as follows: 1- Iran didn't want to reinvent the wheel, 2- 15 years is not a short period of time for an important issue like having nuclear weapon for an inherently religious expansionist political system like the Islamic Regime, and 3- The availability of nuclear scientists & materials & technology in the global black market (e.g. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the large numbers of unemployed East European nuclear scientists, etc).

Based on brief explanation noted above, my prediction is that Iran has highly likely achieved the technology of building a nuclear warhead or a nuclear bomb. The only thing that Iran needs at the moment is a Intermediate-Range / Intercontinental Ballistic Missile to complete its nuclear military program. This is an important issue and Iran is pursuing this goal mainly through  1- Improving its missile technology and capability through various military maneuvers / Exercises and 2- the so-called "Scientific Exploration" by launching number of satellites (in various altitudes) into orbit.      

M. Sirani                    23.08.2015


Politico (2015):

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Gradual Suffocation

Gradual Suffocation
Contaminated particles or toxic gases are not the only poisonous components that pollute the air and consequently make the respiration difficult or impossible. Breathing among the baffled shadows, who appreciate the curvy body of a puppet or the life of a lion, more than the well-being of their fellow humans, is also equivalent to a type of gradual painful suffocation; but not everyone can get it; not everyone can feel it.                                                           
M. Sirani           22.08.2015

Tough Battlefield

Tough Battlefield

In one of those stormy snowy days
Neither with a gun nor with a sword
I could conquer your fortified chateau
With some soft snowballs and red roses
If I could have fund a safe battlefield 
Not for me nor for the rest, just for you

M. Sirani            22.08.2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Waiting For a New Musical Version of "Wag the Dog" Movie.

A new CNN/ORC poll, released today, shows that that the support among the American public amid President Obama's policy with regards to ISIS and nuclear deal with Iran has extremely decreased, This event indicates the fact that Mr. Morgan Freeman and his fellow Holy Woodian actors & actresses have not played their roles in a very professional and artistic manner. Thus a new complementary trick is needed. 
Given the fact that President Obama has recently released his Spotify’s music list, we should not be surprised, if a group of so-called Anti-war Singers orchestrate a “Peace Concert” in support the nuclear deal with Iran somewhere in the near future. Such a musical event might temporarily divert the mind of American public from the erroneous details of this weak and shaky deal. 

Note: Art should be at the service of humanity and human beings, whether by deception or diversion or any other trick.   

M. Sirani                       21.08.2015

Migrant Crisis; A Simple Warning.

The EU should deal with current migrant crisis in an appropriate, professional and humanitarian manner immediately, before it’s too late. Otherwise the Union will face a series of much bigger problem in different terms particularly security concern somewhere in the near future; due to the fact that the current wave of migrants are mostly coming from some countries that are the fundamental base of various Islamic terrorist groups. The EU will pay a very high price in various forms, if the Union doesn't act in this critical matter on time. 
M. Sirani               21.08.2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake & Moonlight.

Lake & Moonlight

Love watching the lake under the moonlight
Not because of magic greatness of the lake
Nor because of lovely beams of the moonlight
Nor because of noisy game of naughty fishes
Love watching the lake under the moonlight
Just because of the elegant portrait of you
Floated on the calm surface of lake’s water
While you are modestly smiling to the world

M. Sirani             17.08.2015

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wish i Could.

Wish I could
Wish i could give my own eyes
To billions blindfolded people
To see the real colors of the world
Wish I could draw a big flesh line
With my own blood across the earth
To show billions baffled people
The real path of happiness and prosperity
Wish I could, wish I could, wish i could

M. Sirani                15.08.2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Iran is Cleaning UP the Parchin Site and Still is Refusing to Allow the IAEA Inspectors to Interview Key Scientists and Military Officers.


Note: I'm wondering what type of deal the IAEA and the Iranian Regime signed in Vienna on July 14, 2015.

Some of the high ranking western politicians, their advisers and some highly educated pundits need some basic lecture about the Islamic Regime of Iran.

M. Sirani                             06.08.2015


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Obama's Weak & Shaky Nuclear Deal With Iran Will Cause More tension, Conflict and War in the Middle East, More Than Any Neocon Political Systems.

As i briefly anticipated in my earlier posts.

The Saudi-led coalition's ground forces have involved into the Yemeni civil war. The Turkish army will involve into the Syrian civil war in the next coming days and weeks. In both cases, we will observe the retaliation of Iran in various parts of the Middle East.

Note: Without a green light from Obama administration neither Turkey, nor Saudi-led coalition didn't dare to implement such a military action at this period of time in Yemen and Syria. This is the price that Obama administration has to paid in order to give more guarantee to its allies and somehow maintaining the balance of power in the Middle East following the weak nuclear deal with Iran.  

M. Sirani                            06.08.2015