Monday, July 25, 2016

US Democratic Convention and Numerous Scandals.


No matter Putin himself hacked DNC or anyone else, the fact is clear for billions of people around the world and that is: There are numerous scandals related to Democratic party particularly its official nominee H. Clinton.
The DP can close its eyes to these scandalous facts and support H. Clinton up until the end of the road. But the majority of people don't look at these scandals in a simple and shallow manner. As an example, some supporters of Sanders either do not vote at all or they prefer to vote for Trump instead of Clinton.
The DP should change its course and nominee as soon as possible, otherwise it will badly lose the battle to the Republicans in November.

Note: Let us be honest and do not insult the intelligence of ourselves: The election in the western countries including the ongoing one in the US is similar to election in Iran, Somalia, Russia or China in terms of fraud, manipulating, cheating, etc. The only difference is that in the western countries all these illegitimate activities would be performed in a very modern, professional, scientific and invisible manner. The rest of the world do not have such an expertise; as such we identify fraud and illegitimate activities within their election. Whether some like or dislike my brief statement in this matter; I don't care because this issue has become a fact for me based on my theoretical knowledge and what i have been observing in many occasions including 2016 US election.     

M. Sirani                      25.07.2016