Thursday, November 10, 2016

Watch: Hillary Clinton is Indirectly Threatening President Trump & Provoking Her Supporters (Date: 09.11.2016).


Just watch and listen to the latest statement of Hillary Clinton; her words, her angry facial expression plus her tune, which is full of revenge. In this clip, Hillary Clinton not only indirectly threatening President Trump but also is provoking her supporters.

In this clip, Clinton says:

"No, we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but some day, someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now". 

Once again i repeat my statement: One of the first important tasks of President Trump should be pursuing the real justice about ClintonGate scandal. If President Trump does not act in this regard based on any reason whatsoever, Clintons and their powerful allies would sabotage Trump administration in different terms by all means and would not allow him to finish his first four years term of presidency.

M. Sirani                            10.11.2016