Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Exclusive: 2017 Would Be The Unforgettable Year in Our History; The Global Tectonic in Different Terms is Ahead of Us.


We will experience many changes in different terms at national, regional and global levels in 2017; a type of "Global Tectonic in Different Arenas". The overall impact of these changes is unbelievably deep and broad and will hit every corner of the world to some extent.  

Note: As some examples: The EU will highly likely collapse. The collapse of the EU & consequently EURO will force many investors to look for a better, safer and stable heaven for further investment. In this respect, the USA will be one of the best & safest countries in the entire world. As such, i predict, the USA will face the influx of capital flight.

M. Sirani                    06.12.2016