Sunday, July 24, 2016

Huge Fire Breaks Out Near NATO Base in Turkey. Sabotage is a Possibility According to RT.

A Warning: The Potentially Security Threat of "Pokémon Go" Game At the Age of Terror and Mass Shooting.


I leave aside the overall effects of Pokemon Go game on the mindset of current young generation. This is, in fact, the task of some experts in social psychology or anthropology not mine.
But i think in terms of security and safety, this game has the potentiality to be used in a very negative & devastating manner in the hands of some terrorists or mass shooters.

As an example, a skilled hacker linked to ISIS, Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist groups or a mass shooter or a child abuser might hack the game and lead some selected individual or group/s to a special location for a horrific assassination, hostage taking or a terrorist attack. There is some potentiality in this matter, which should neither be ignored nor underestimated, in my opinion. This is one of the negative side effects of the combination of Virtually & Reality in our daily lives and we should deal with it in a very careful, appropriate and professional manner; before it's too late.

Note: I hope my prediction would not come true but in case of hacking Pokemon Go game and a tragic event after that family/ies of victim/s or a state can simply sue Niantic, iOC or Apple for large amount of money due to this "loophole"; if i may call it.  

M. Sirani                                  24.07.2016  

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Don't Close Your Eyes to Current Arrest and Detaining in Turkey.


There are probably millions Turkish and Kurds (From Turkey), who are living and working in the EU countries. If Erdogan government would continue with such undemocratic policies, there is high probability that tension in Turkey will spillover into other EU countries in different terms, forms and scales, e.g. conflict between different Turkish & Kurdish groups.

M. Sirani                 23.07.2016 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

NATO and EU Should Be Aware That Turkey is Rapidly Moving Towards a Totally Wrong & Destabilizing and Dangerous Direction in Different Terms.


What we are observing currently in Turkey is not some simple and temporarily Politicization & Securitization policy (Copenhagen School) derived from Erdogan & AKP counter-coup measures. This is, in fact, the beginning of an extreme & endless dark era in the history of Turkey. The consequences of this dark era would be devastating in different terms not only for Turkey and Turkish people but also for the EU, NATO and the region.

Note: During an interview with Al Jazeera news agency, R. Erdogan said: there is some probability that a pilot among the coup plotters shot down the Russian jet (This is a simple statement; but it means a lot in reality. NATO & EU should not underestimate nor ignore such alarming signs and statements. In short, Turkey will highly likely shift its direction in various terms including in foreign affairs. The eyes of current Turkish political system are gradually focusing on the East, instead of the West, in my opinion). 

M. Sirani                 21.07.2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

14 Turkish Navy Ships, without Any Contact With the Headquarter, are Still Missing.

Is Turkey a stable ally for NATO? Can Turkey with such a instability & fragmented society become a member of the EU?
Is Turkey a stable & secure country for protecting the US nuclear weapon on its territory?

M. Sirani              20.07.2016


An Alarming Event for the USA, EU and NATO: Incirlik Air Base in Turkey is Still Without Power.


Following the recent military coup, the Turkish authority cut off the power in the Incirlik Air Base due to some security measures. Contrary to many requests of the Pentagon, the Turkish authority has not restore the power yet. This event, even at temporarily scale, is not a simple matter and should be taken seriously based on many reasons.

Erdogan & Akp will highly likely use the following leverages as extortion in order to achieve some goals including the extradition of F. Gulen from the USA.

A- The large numbers of refugees sheltered in Turkey.
B- The importance of using the Turkish territory in war against ISIS.
C- The importance of using the Turkish territory in any type of conflict against Russia.
D- The existence of some US nuclear weapon in the Incirlik Air Base (I hope, I'm wrong in this particular matter).

By this type of move, Turkey can put the USA & the EU at a very critical and difficult position at the present. The consequences of this move are not pleasant neither for USA, nor for the EU nor for the NATO at short and long term.

Note: In my opinion, as inherent characteristics of the rapid Islamization, Erdogan and AKP party are turning Turkey into a revisionist state; a state with some unpredictable, unexpected and adventurous characteristics and behaviors. This should be an alarming sign for the USA, EU and NATO.  

M. Sirani                     20.07.2016  

Today in Turkey: Be Prepared for "the Rise of Islamic Sultan" and its Devastating Consequences in the Future For Turkey and the Region.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The USA & The EU should Be Prepared For More Unexpected Surprises From Turkey in the Next Coming Days, Weeks & Months.


The high ranking politicians in the USA & EU should pay attention to a brief warning as follows.

Turkey is neither Iran nor Iraq nor Afghanistan in different terms. An Islamic political system in Turkey means a huge disaster for NATO, EU and USA in different terms. 

Note: Leave the joke that "Islam is compatible with democracy and liberal values" to third countries and save Turkey. Otherwise, you lose & regret a lot; much more than you ever imagine. Remind you that we are in 2016 and facing serious and existential threat like "The rise of various radical Islamic groups" across Asia, Africa and the Middle East for many years or possibly decades to come.  

M. Sirani                19.07.2016

The Possibility of Re-Introduction of Death Penalty & Further Implementation of Regressive & Totalitarian Policy-Regulation in Turkey.


Erdogan and AKP party might probably use some issues such as A- The large numbers of refugees sheltered in Turkey, B- the necessary use of Turkish territory in war against ISIS and in case of any further tension against Russia in order to re-introduce and implement death penalty and further regressive policy and regulation in Turkey. (I'm not perfectly sure; but i think there is some probability that Erdogan would try to take advantage from these issues and impose his ideas.

Note: Such a move will put the west particularly the EU in a very difficult and critical position in different terms mainly in security matter. 

M. Sirani                     19.07.2016 

Warning: An Islamic Coup-Revolution in Turkey Has Started.

Different evidences (E.g. dismissing 2745 judges, nearly 15000 personnel of the educational system, couple of thousands military personnel) indicate the fact that Erdogan and his AKP party have taken advantage from recent unsuccessful coup and changing the course of events in Turkey towards a very wrong and dangerous direction. Based on many evidences, i believe that Erdogan and AKP party have conducted an Islamic Coup-Revolution in Turkey; this time in a very clear and visible manner.
Due to many reasons, this will be a dangerous and destructive development not only for Turkey and Turkish people but also for the USA, EU and NATO in the short as well as long run in different terms. This move should be stopped, before it's too late.

Note: In the next coming days (Probably tomorrow Wednesday, after the national security meeting) Erdogan would announce more details in this matter. 
We should say good bye to secular political system in Turkey and be prepared for broad tension, uprising and revolt in Turkey in the next coming months, in my opinion. 

M. Sirani                 19.07.2016 

Friday, July 1, 2016

The Brexit.


Many politicians as well as pundits are not fully aware of the overall impact, consequences and complications of the Brexit in short & long term at national, regional and global levels. In this respect, i can simply say that the Brexit like some other important historical events such as Westphalian Peace Treaty, the second world war or the collapse of the Soviet Union will profoundly change and shape the international politics in different terms in the long run.

Note: As far as i review the news in this matter, i see most of the articles are exploring some issues such as uncertainty in the market, invoking Article 50, how to reverse the referendum and some shallow explanations like these. These articles are, in fact, simplifying an important historical event in our contemporary world. Brexit is much more than these shallow articles. The scar of Brexit will deeply change and shape the face of international politics in different terms.  Germany & France can gain a lot from this event, if they identify the opportunities resulted from Brexit. The Brexit is, in addition, the starting point of the fall of United Kingdom Empire. And many other events,,,,,,,,,,,,

M. Sirani      01.07.2016