Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warning: Hilary Clinton is Like A Sinking Ship; So, Perform A "Risk Management" Before Supporting Her.


No matter what would be the outcome of upcoming presidential election in the U.S.; no matter Clinton would be the next U.S. president or not, one thing is Chrystal Clear and that is:

Due to continuous Emails and Clinton Foundation scandals, Hilary Clinton is like a sinking ship. She will drag down with herself her wealthy & powerful supporters at national, regional and global levels. As long as Clinton continues with the presidential race, many curious people (Ally & Enemy) around the world would focus on Clinton. As a result, more names and contacts would be released in the public domain. In other words, Clinton scandals would be shared with other wealthy, powerful & famous people around the world. Such an event would ruin the reputation of many people around the world, in addition to Clintons.

Based on brief noted above, it would be wise that both Bill & Hillary Clinton retire themselves from all political activities and enjoy the rest of their lives with couple of hundreds millions dollars, which have been donated to their so-called "Foundation". Otherwise, the international community would face a big problem; due to the fact that Clinton scandals are much worse than Watergate Scandal.

M. Sirani                        30.08.2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Warning: Establishing a No-Fly-Zone in North Syria Means A Dangerous Total War Between Various Actors (Desperate & Chaotic Obama Administration).


The ridiculous part of the story is here. In the beginning of the Syrian civil war in 2011, while Russia and China were not directly involved in this conflict as they are today; while Iran was under the severe sanctions imposed by the International Community, Obama admin did nothing seriously with regards to this conflict. As it appears now, it seems the Obama administration is trying  intensify the tension in Syria and consequently  facilitate a ground base to establish a no-fly-zone in North Syria somewhere in the near future. Such a move, (in addition to its cost and technical possibility)  in case of implementation, will be compatible with H. Clinton's plan for Syria and accordingly might be useful in her presidential race against D. Trump, who is advocating another policy in this matter.

This is a very dangerous policy; if my assumption and prediction in this regard are correct. Establishing a No-Fly-Zone in North Syria at this stage means the beginning of an endless total war; a total war, which undoubtedly will spread to other areas in the region by all means. Such a horrific event and its devastating consequences will not be a pleasant event for nobody. (By nobody, i mean all the internal, external actors and the poor Syrian people).

Note: I hope those genius in Washington and other capitals involved in this conflict do not start a stupid move like this in Syria at this stage.

M. Sirani               20.08.2016

Obama Administration Deliberately Handed Over Yemen To The Iranian Regime in Return For the Weak & Useless Nuclear Deal.


Different evidences indicate a fact that that Obama administration has sacrificed many issues and paid the Iranian Regime numerous advantages in different terms in order to make a weak & useless nuclear deal with the Islamic Regime. The chaotic situation in Yemen and superiority of Houthis group backed by Iran in this country is an example in this matter. All these devastating events happen in Yemen, while i warned the international community about Yemen in 2011. How on earth, the administration of Obama as the most powerful country in the world and its numerous strong intelligence and security services didn't have a reasonable and logical analysis with regards to various developments in Yemen throughout all these years is a questionable theme. Based on this brief info, i can say that participation of US army in Saudi Arabia coalition in war in Yemen was just a "Cat & Mouse" game in order to delude Arab countries with regards to the nuclear deal with Iran and the secret details behind the scene of this deal and nothing else.

 The map above is part of my essay in this regard.
Title: Iran Should not Get the Nuclear Bomb.

Link: https://irancare.blogspot.no/2014/11/iran-should-not-get-nuclear-bomb.html

M. Sirani                     20.08.2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Breaking: It Seems the USA is Removing its Nuclear Weapons From Turkey and Moving Them to Romania.

Briefly: (I emphasize: If this story is true). As a result of "Kindergarten Foreign Policy", It seems Turkey is detaching from the West under the watch and before the eyes of Obama Administration.

There is a rumor in the media that the USA is removing its nuclear weapons from Turkey and is moving them to Romania.

If this story is true, this is a very big development in different terms and has many consequences in various forms, terms and scales.
First and foremost, this development would be a great victory for Russia and Iran. Removing the US nuclear weapons from Turkey after nearly 60-70 years means a lot for both Iran & Russia.

The consequences of this move, on the contrary, would be devastating in different terms for USA and EU. Here below, some possible negative consequences of this move would be briefly mentioned.

A- This development shows that all the strategists and policy makers in NATO, USA (Obama administration-J. Kerry & H. Clinton) and EU have not had any correct, reasonable, logical and reliable analysis with regards to various developments in Turkey in the last couple of years until recently, whether its domestic as well as its foreign affairs. If they had, they would have prevented such a disastrous event. This is a big failure mostly for Obama administration & NATO that they haven't done a good observation with regards to all the movements of Erdogan government in the last couple of years.

B- Removing nuclear weapons from Turkey and relocating them in Romania simply & clearly indicates a fact that the situation in Turkey is unstable. Regardless of the reaction of Turkey in this matter, which would be negative definitely, this event shows that NATO is experiencing a powerful earthquake in a way that some powerful external factors have forced USA & NATO to remove the nuclear weapons from the Geo-Strategically important territory of Turkey.

C- The negative consequences of this move are enormous & devastating. This event might highly likely put the EU membership of Turkey at a serious risk. I might say this event would put an end to that process automatically.

D- This event along with many other issues such as EU demands from Turkey, the presence of F. Gulen in the USA, some accusation about the recent military coup in Turkey, etc would highly likely deteriorate the relationship between Turkey and USA-EU in different terms including the situation of more than 3 million refugees, who are sheltered in Turkey. As a consequence, USA-EU and Turkey might not be able to achieve a good deal in this matter. As such, the EU might face a new waves of influx of refugees in the near future.

E- Based on many reasons, which i have briefly explored them in some previous notes, Turkey will highly likely expand its relationship in different terms with Russia & Iran in the region. Such a coalition will change the balance of power in the region to a large extent. This issue is not a pleasant event neither for the USA, nor for the EU nor for the Saudi Arabia nor for Egypt nor for some other Arab countries in the region including Israel.

F- This event will put an end to the dream of an independent Kurdish State at least for some decades to come; due to deeper and broader cooperation between Turkey, Iran, central government in Iraq (which is the puppet of Iranian regime) and POSSIBLY Bashar Assad.

G- This event should teach a good lesson to old-fashioned pundits and politicians in the USA and EU. The lesson is that it is the time that USA & EU should put an end to their 40-45 years old policy amid supporting and promoting various types of Islamic states, Islamic groups, and more generally Islamization in the Middle East and Africa. Because time has changed and any continuation in this matter would be disastrous and devastating  first and foremost for the Western countries.

Note: Analyzing this event and its overall consequences is a huge discussion. What i mentioned above is just a brief explanation in this matter. Once again, i emphasize: If this news is true, this is a big fiasco for the USA, NATO and EU; on the contrary is a big win for the Iranian Regime & Russia at regional as well as global level.

M. Sirani                           19.08.2016  

Sunday, August 14, 2016

An Extremely Delusional and Misleading Assumption About Recent Moves of Turkey.


Some analysts claim that recent reconciliation in various terms between Turkey, Russia and Iran is just some opportunistic tactical moves of President Erdogan to take more advantage from the USA & EU. Such an assumption is delusional, misleading and extremely dangerous for the USA & EU in the long term based on many reasons, which some of them have been mentioned in my previous post.

Note: Once again i repeat my statement: Time has changed; Turkey is moving towards a new direction. But some politicians in the USA & EU do not see this move; because they are watching Turkey in 2016 through some glasses made during the Cold War Era (This is an extremely delusional, misleading and dangerous Mirror Imaging).

M. Sirani               14.08.2016

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Turkey is Rapidly Moving Towards Some Major Changes Including in Its Foreign Policy; The US and EU Should Be Concerned.


Turkey is rapidly moving towards some major changes; it seems the country is passing through a transitional phase in different terms including in its foreign policy. Some issues such as A- Recent Turkish-Russian rapprochement, B- The newly formed Russian-Turkish-Iranian coalition with regard to Syria, C- The scope and level of economic trade between Turkey and Iran-Russia, D- the current tension between USA and Turkey amid F. Gulen and recent military coup in the country, E- the tension between Turkey and EU amid many issues mainly EU membership for Turkey or the visa-free regulation for Turkish citizens, F- the notion that both Iran and Turkey are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood (Contrary to Saudi Arabia & Egypt), G- Iran and Turkey has similar policy (to some extent) with regards to creation of a independent Kurdish State in the region and many other issues, are some important signs that the US and EU should be concerned about them and as a result re-evaluate some of their policies with regard to Turkey. Some of these issues might not create a serious conflict for the USA & EU at this stage. But i'm pretty sure some of them will create a serious headache for the USA & EU in the long terms; of course, if we analyze them in a very professional and appropriate manner. As some examples, the position of NATO and the influx of refugees into the EU should be mentioned in this regard.

Note: To put it simply: Turkey is moving towards a new direction; while the USA and the EU are observing Turkey with some glasses made during the Cold War Era. (Extremely wrong & dangerous mirror imaging).

M. Sirani                13.08.2016  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Warning: Nuclear Armed Pakistan And the Rise of Various Radical Islamic Groups; A Serious Global Threat Somewhere in the Future.


Any military coup as a solution to avoid such a catastrophic event (Conducted by some "secular army generals"; if exists any in reality) in Pakistan will highly likely fail due to the rapid, deep and broad Islamization within the Pakistani society. Any attempt in this regard will face either A- the same barrier as we saw in recent coup in Turkey or B- will highly likely drag Pakistan into a prolonged and devastating civil war between various groups including Taliban and Haqqani network. The US and EU politicians should pay attention to the current critical situation in Pakistan; understand that we are living in 2016 with new dangerous challenges not in 1970s-1980s during the Cold War and find a appropriate and fundamental solution for this country; before it's too late. Any negligence, miscalculation and delay in this matter will be disastrous in different terms for many people.

M. Sirani                 08.08.2016