Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Possible Result of French Presidential Election 2017 (My Prediction).


M. Le pen and E. Macron will move into the second round. In the second round or Run-Off, M. Le Pen has more chance to win the election. My prediction in this regard would highly likely happen; unless a strange or extraordinary event would happen. The victory of M. Le Pen at this critical historical juncture that we are observing, would not be a simple event like any other ordinary election. Le Pen's victory has many regional and global complications in various terms. Le Pen's victory would push the entire EU towards the edge of total collapse. Her victory means the beginning of the end of the EU & EURO.

NOTE: Some events like Brexit, the Victory of President Trump in the USA and possible victory of M. Le Pen in France along with many other issues around the world indicate a fact that many parts of current international institutions, laws, regulations and conventions are not compatible with the realities of our contemporary world. We need some fundamental changes and adjustments in many areas. Don't you see the consequential collapses around the world? 

M. Sirani            22.04.2017