Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Prediction (2): France Election 2017 (Time: 15:00).


Still, i believe that there is high probability that M. Le Pen would become the next president of France. But, due to the fact that there is no 100% guarantee in many events including this election, there is some probability that my prediction in this regard might not come true.

IMPORTANT: However, no matter what the result of tonight election in France might be, I'm not only 100% but i can say 1000000% sure about one issue and that is that:

Marine Le Pen is the main future of France. From now on, everybody, who wants to do anything in France or think about France in both short or long term, should count, invest and capitalize on Marine Le Pen & nobody else in France. The future of France in the next coming months & years to come is inevitably & profoundly interconnected and interwoven with Marine Le Pen & no one else.

Note: Remember my short statement: Based on many ongoing factors and developments at Domestic (within France) Regional (Within the EU) and Global level, Marine Le Pen is the main & final winner in France. As such i call her Madam President Le Pen. Because, This will be the position of Marin Le Pen in France history beyond the will, power or authority of any powerful individual or state. I'm 100% sure about my prediction in this regard. My prediction in this case will happen without any doubt; unless a tragic event happens (Which i hope not). 

M. Sirani              07.05.2017 (15:00).