Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Challenge for All Strategists Around the World: Can You Answer This Question? (I Have Made the Question Easier; Try it Now).

I hope with newly added information someone would be able to answer my question. 

The Question:

The Middle East is currently facing multidimensional ethnic, religious, economic, political and Geo-Strategical conflicts between various states and non-states actors. The scale of tension in different parts of the region has recently intensified. As some examples, A- we are observing: Russia and Iran have openly, publicly and increasingly involved militarily in the Syrian civil war. B- Turkey has increased its militarily presence in North Iraq and at the same time, Turkish army has once again started the war against the Kurdish separatist organization PKK. C- Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries have invaded Yemen, etc. These examples indicate a fact that some part of the Middle East is on the verge of a long term cycle of instability. This cycle of instability will undoubtedly worsen and consequently will spread to other areas in the region somewhere in the future, if the UN or the international community will not be able to find a fundamental and tangible solution for at least some of these conflicts in an appropriate period of time. Finding solution simultaneously for all these conflicts in the Middle East at this critical juncture is not an impossible task. But without any doubt is an energy, time and resource consuming job to do at this stage based on some reasons including: 1- The deep level of tension, mistrust and zero-sum game condition between various actors; e.g. between Iran and Saudi Arabia and 2- The notion that some of these conflicts have a long term historical background; e.g. the conflict between Kurdish separatist organization PKK and Turkish authority.  Based on the brief explanation noted above, answer the following questions.     

1- Identify the main cause/causes of the recent intensification in these conflicts in the Middle East.
2- Based on your finding, design a master plan, which would ease the tension in the whole Middle East to a large extent in a way that we would be able to find solution for each conflict in the region in a more stable and peaceful atmosphere. 

M. Sirani                                 26.12.2015

Note: How many people can answer this question? I will be glad to see someone has written an article or essay in this matter and published it in some reliable website. Regards. M. Sirani