Monday, June 26, 2017

Making An Israel-Palestine Peace Deal is Not Like Buying or Selling An Skyscraper In Manhattan. Such An Important Task Requires Real Expertise; Real Qualification.


There are many, many, many differences between the art of the deal in selling & buying apartment-skyscraper and International Relations-International Politics. If they were the same every real state expert could have become a Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I think my short message is Chrystal clear.

M. Sirani                     26.06.2017

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nobody Takes Your Empty Words Seriously.


As long as you don't have clear, reliable and coherent strategies with regards to many events in the Middle East:

A- The Iranian Regime beats the hell out of all of you in the region and later in Africa;
B- Various types of Radical Islamic Groups will come and go;
C- Nobody takes your empty words seriously.

M. Sirani              25.06.2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Opening The "Liberal Mosques" in Germany & Norway Reminds Me To One of The Statements of A. Einstein.


Those Muslims or Non-Muslims, who have designed the trend of "Liberal Mosque" doesn't have a clue about:

A- Islam

B- Historical Background of Islam

C- Historical Background of Christianity, reforms in Christianity and various types of factors, which the combination of all of them forced some parts of the Christianity to accept the reforms.

Based on brief explanation noted above, i will anticipate with high probability that the fabricated trend of so-called "Liberal Mosque" does not solve anything at all with regards to emergence and rise of various Radical Islamic Terrorist Group or Islamic Terrorism Activity neither in the Western countries, nor in the Middle East, nor in Asia or Africa. This fabricated trend, on the contrary, will backfire & provoke many Muslims around the world; and accordingly will cause many additional tensions and conflicts.

Note: A. Einstein once said: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity" (This is the only thing i can say further with regard to development of the so-called "Liberal Mosque"). These geniuses have deliberately created some clear Terror Target for various Islamic Terrorists by their own hands.   

M. Sirani                                  21.06.2017 

A Sustainable Israeli & Palestinian Peace Deal; Sweet Dreams.


As long as the USA, the powerful EU states and Arab countries do not have clear, effective & coherent strategies with regards to many events including A- Iran, B- Political Islam, C- Emergence and rise of various radical Islamic Terrorist groups in Asia, The Middle East and Africa, the idea of a sustainable & long term peace deal between Israel and Palestine is just a joke. Those novice hotshots should firstly work on a solid foundation, then start to build a skyscraper on the top of it.

Note: Israeli politicians should be insane to fall in such a trap. In addition, as long as you are confused, the Iranian regime is the main winner in the Middle East & later in Africa. 

M. Sirani                         21.06.2017          

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Any Military Intervention in Syria

Any military intervention in Syria will end up in

A- Total destruction of Syria, collateral damages & influx of refugees.

B- Broad war & proxy wars in multiple battlefields across the Middle East & possibly beyond the Middle East (E.g Ukraine).

In such a hypothetical scenario, the USA & its allies will lose based on many reasons including the fact that current U.S. administration does not have a clear strategy with regards to the Iranian regime and many other ongoing events in the Middle East. Thus, avoid adventurous & miscalculated move in Syria.

M. Sirani                    20.06.2017  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Be Prepared for More Intensified Tension in Syria & Most Parts of the Middle East in The Next Coming Months & Probably Years.


Due to the fact that the USA does not have some clear & effective strategies with regards to many events in the Middle East, we should highly likely expect intensification of tension in various parts of the Middle East in the next coming months & probably years.

M. Sirani         18.06.2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When It Comes to the Threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism in both Short & Long Terms, All Western Countries (The EU+The USA Without Any Exception) Are in a Very Deep Shit.


All the western countries are plunging in a very deep serious shit in the short & long term, when it comes to the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism; due to the lack of an effective and robust strategy.

Note: The citizens of all western countries will suffer a lot in this matter in both short & long term thanks to their incompetent & corrupt politicians and pundits.

M. Sirani                                24.05.2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Warning: Islamic Terrorist Activities Have Entered Into A More Dangerous & Critical New Phase of "Suicide Bombing" Within The Western Countries.


Needless to explore the scale & scope of threat in this new development, thanks to bunch of corrupt & incompetent kids, who play the role of high ranking politicians & decision makers.

M. Sirani    23.05.2017 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Those Incompetent & Corrupt Kids (Some Politicians+ Pundits), Who Have Led US Into This Disaster, Want to Convince Us About War on Terror (Forget The War on Terror; Resign & Get Lost).

Bunch of incompetent and corrupt kids, who do not have the credible qualification to run a dog, but have occupied various high ranking political positions. All of them should Resign & get lost.

M. Sirani                   23.05.2017

The Tragic Terrorist Attack in Manchester: Bunch of Corrupt Kids, Who Call Themselves "Politicians or Think Tanks (Ding Dang) Should Read My Prediction in 2013.

Here below is part of my essay entitled: An assessment about the current civil war in Syria. This essay was written on August, 2013. Some viewers might be interested to go through some of my predictions in that time about the consequences of the Syrian civil war; some predictions that we are dealing with them currently in Iraq, Syria itself, Lebanon and lone wolf attacks in the western countries, etc. 

M. Sirani                        01.11.2014

7- Some Consequences of the Syrian Civil War:
Whether we are supporting Bashar Assad or its opponents or are neutral, we should pay attention to some of the consequences of the Syrian civil war. Analyzing these consequences is very important, because some of them might occur beyond the Syrian geographical territory within the country that we live in. Some of these consequences are briefly as follows.
1- The first and important issue is the large number of human casualties and near-total destruction of the country’s infrastructure. We should not be genius to anticipate that this issue would be devastating for Syria, the Syrian people and the neighboring countries for some decades to come.

2- The second issue is about the overall effect of the civil war on the life of the Syrian people. This issue has caused that more than 1.6 million people have fled Syria and taken refuge abroad in some countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and some North African countries. We should bear in mind that we are talking about more than 500,000 Syrian refugees in a country such as Lebanon with a population size of 4.2 million, or nearly 500,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan with a population size of almost 6 million people, etc. The large numbers of the Syrian refugees are the huge burden on the shoulders of all these states, the international organizations as well as NGOs. In the long term, this issue would cause many problems in different arenas including security for all these countries. As an example, asylum seekers and refuges are the most vulnerable groups around the world; because, in most cases they don not have proper access to their basic needs and rights. As such, some members of this vulnerable group would become the easiest preys for different criminal organizations as well as Jihadist groups. This issue is also applicable for some of the Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Given the fact that most of these countries mentioned above do not have a powerful, stable and reliable political system and the Syrian civil war has entered in the new phase of a conflict between the Shiite and Sunni groups, we can anticipate that the presence of large numbers of the Syrian refugees would threaten the peace, stability and security of some countries in the Middle East in the long term.
There is also another important issue with regard to the Syrian refugees. What these refugees would do, if Assad’s regime would manage to survive this civil war? Given the fact that some of these refugees, themselves or their relatives are fighting against Assad’s regime, would they dare to return to Syria in the future? Who / which powerful international entity would be able to provide and maintain their security in Syria under the rule of Bashar Assad? On the contrary, if Assad’s regime would collapse somewhere in the future, who, or which powerful entity would be able to provide and maintain security for those Shiite or Alawites people, who have supported Bashar Assad or neutrally have behaved during this conflict?

3- The overall presence of Hezbollah in this conflict and increasing numbers of conflict between the Shiite and Sunni groups in different countries in the region illustrate the fact that eventually, the Syrian civil war would spread to some other neighboring countries in the Middle East. In this respect, the two countries of Lebanon and Iraq are the most vulnerable states.

4- The Syrian civil war has facilitated the best environment in terms of training, access to different facilities such as money, weapon, training and network building for all Jihadists around the world. This chaotic environment functions like an academic institute for all Islamic fundamentalists including novice Jihadists, who enter Syria legally or illegally from different borderlines. After a while, these novice Jihadists would be expert in different military tactics and strategic matters such as using different weapons - explosive materials, organizing, surviving in harsh and difficult circumstances, network building, etc. The important and tricky point is the time that these jihadists would decide to return to their countries of origin, whether is somewhere in the Middle East or the EU or some other countries around the world. In this respect, we can anticipate that each of these jihadists would function as an ambassador of terror and would be able to organize and establish a terror cell in his /her country of origin.

5- This is the fact that the Kurdish people has been one of the most marginalized and deprived groups in Syria. The Syrian Kurds live mostly in the northern part of Syria along the southern border of Turkey and partly the northern border of Iraq. During the chaotic atmosphere of the civil war, the Syrian Kurds might decide to establish an either autonomous or a Kurdish self-regulated region in the northern part of Syria. This issue would threaten the sovereignty of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. As a result, it would create extra instability and tension in the region.

6- We should bear in mind that some of these consequences, inevitability, would also affect the Israeli–Palestinian peace process to some degree.
All mentioned above, indicates the fact that the consequences of the Syrian civil war from different angles and to some degrees would be devastating not just for the Syrian people or the country of Syria, but also for all of us, no matter whom we are or where we live.

M. Sirani                      August 2013

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Presidential Election in Iran: Rouhani or Raisi?


There is high probability that Rouhani will be elected for the second term. There is some small chance for Raisi. However, no matter, which one of these candidates would become the next president, we should bear in mind that:

A- Different evidences indicate the fact that Both Rouhani & Raisi have close ties with the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

B- As the special representatives of the Supreme Leader, both Rouhani & Raisi have been appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei for some important entities within the Islamic Regime.

C- In this presidential race, Rouhani has more chance to win. However, no matter, Rouhani or Raisi would win the election, the entire policies of the Islamic Regime whether at domestic or foreign affairs will remain the same as before.

M. Sirani                       19.05.2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

My Prediction (2): France Election 2017 (Time: 15:00).


Still, i believe that there is high probability that M. Le Pen would become the next president of France. But, due to the fact that there is no 100% guarantee in many events including this election, there is some probability that my prediction in this regard might not come true.

IMPORTANT: However, no matter what the result of tonight election in France might be, I'm not only 100% but i can say 1000000% sure about one issue and that is that:

Marine Le Pen is the main future of France. From now on, everybody, who wants to do anything in France or think about France in both short or long term, should count, invest and capitalize on Marine Le Pen & nobody else in France. The future of France in the next coming months & years to come is inevitably & profoundly interconnected and interwoven with Marine Le Pen & no one else.

Note: Remember my short statement: Based on many ongoing factors and developments at Domestic (within France) Regional (Within the EU) and Global level, Marine Le Pen is the main & final winner in France. As such i call her Madam President Le Pen. Because, This will be the position of Marin Le Pen in France history beyond the will, power or authority of any powerful individual or state. I'm 100% sure about my prediction in this regard. My prediction in this case will happen without any doubt; unless a tragic event happens (Which i hope not). 

M. Sirani              07.05.2017 (15:00).

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Possible Result of French Presidential Election 2017 (My Prediction).


M. Le pen and E. Macron will move into the second round. In the second round or Run-Off, M. Le Pen has more chance to win the election. My prediction in this regard would highly likely happen; unless a strange or extraordinary event would happen. The victory of M. Le Pen at this critical historical juncture that we are observing, would not be a simple event like any other ordinary election. Le Pen's victory has many regional and global complications in various terms. Le Pen's victory would push the entire EU towards the edge of total collapse. Her victory means the beginning of the end of the EU & EURO.

NOTE: Some events like Brexit, the Victory of President Trump in the USA and possible victory of M. Le Pen in France along with many other issues around the world indicate a fact that many parts of current international institutions, laws, regulations and conventions are not compatible with the realities of our contemporary world. We need some fundamental changes and adjustments in many areas. Don't you see the consequential collapses around the world? 

M. Sirani            22.04.2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

PM May Calls For Early Election=====>The UK is Not In a Good Shape.


Lack of proper qualification, knowledge and expertise. They have started with Brexit; but are confused what they should do from now on; or where they should go!!!!!!

Note: When some people do not have proper qualification, knowledge and expertise would become responsible for a big task,,,,,,, (One of the reasons for an empire to fall). 

M. Sirani             18.04.2017

Friday, April 7, 2017

The First Possible Consequences of Military Strike on Syria.


This apparently One Off military strike on Syria would have many consequences in short & long term beyond the geographical territory of Syria. One of the first possible consequences of this move might be the notion that both Iran & Russia would deploy more military troops and equipment into Syria probably in the next couple of hours & days.
The impact of such a move in terms of Syrian rebels is clear; needless to explore it.

Note: As i said in my previous short note, this One Off military strike will intensify the tension not only within Syria but also in some other areas across the Middle East or probably beyond.

M. Sirani                 07.04.2017

The USA Launched Military Strike on Syria. This Military Strike Would Intensify the Tension in Many Areas.


The USA launched Tomahawk Missile strike on Syrian airfield in retaliation to the recent chemical attack in Idlib area. This event raises three important questions as follows.

The Question 1- Did the Syrian air force drop chemical bomb in Idlib? This is a fact that Assad's regime has treated its opponents in a very cruel and inhuman manner in the last couple pf years. In this respect, the Syrian regime has used chemical weapon against its own people in various occasions in the past. But the idea that Assad's regime dropped chemical bomb (Sarin Gas) in Idlib is something hard to believe, based on many reasons mainly:

1-A: The first issue is the recent victories of the Syrian government. The Syrian government has achieved some magnificent victories in the past couple of months. Among these victories recapturing the city of Aleppo (The capital of Syrian rebels since 2012) could be mentioned. These series of victories indicate a fact that the Syrian regime has the upper hand in comparison with the Syrian rebels. From this we can assume that the Syrian regime has not been in a very critical position that would be forced to use chemical weapon in Idlib to save itself from the rebels.

2-A: The second issue which, might save the Syrian government from this allegation is the recent statements of some high ranking members of Trump administration. In the past couple of days, The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson both stated that the USA would not pursue "Assad Must Go" policy anymore; in order words the first & important priority for the USA is defeating and eradicating the ISIS; not changing the current Syrian government. These statements along with various statements of President Trump in the past were pleasant news for Bashar Assad in a way that Bashar Assad himself in some interview stated that he was ready to cooperate with president Trump in war against ISIS. Considering these positive statements, it is hard to believe that Assad's regime has used chemical weapon in Idlib; simply because the use of chemical weapon would have ruined all those positive statements of U.S. officials.

3-A- The third issue is the mentality of president Trump. Everybody, who have a little bit knowledge and have followed president Trump's statements and actions know one important thing that president Trump is a very serious person. He is not one of those politicians full of just empty words.

Based on brief details mentioned above, the chance that the Syrian forces have dropped chemical bomb in Idlib is very low, in my opinion.

The Question 2- Was this strike one time military strike or would continue?
Trump administration has stated that this military strike was a type of punishment with regard to the recent chemical attack in Idlib. From this we can assume that this might be a one time military operation. In this case, we face another question as follows.
Various groups and organizations in Syria including ISIS or Al-Nusrah front have access to various types of weapons and ammunition including chemical weapons due to 6 years civil war in the country. What would happen if in the next couple of days some of these groups e.g. ISIS launch a chemical mortar and target a Syrian rebel group? What would Trump administration do in such a hypothetical scenario? Would Trump administration launch another military strike against the Syrian government again? (To be honest, the recent military strike would pave the way towards such an operation in the future).

In short, This military strike does not change the Syrian civil war in a very effective and sustainable manner. This operation would on the contrary, pave the way for various groups to use this tactic and provoke the USA to perform more military strike against Assad's regime. Practicing such a tactic, if continues, would finally drag Trump administration into the Syrian civil war and direct military confrontation with Russia, Iran and China at the end of the road. Should this happen, we would witness a broad battlefield beyond the geographical territory of Syria & the Middle East. In such a hypothetical scenario we would observe many changes not only in the Middle East but also in Baltic area. Unfortunately, the results of these events would not be pleasant for neither the USA nor for Arab countries based on many reasons particularly the notion that as it appears the USA & its allies do not have a clear strategy with regards to many events in the Middle East.

Note: Trump administration could use this chemical attack event in a much better manner and get much better results. The lack of clear strategy would lead to disaster. 

M. Sirani                        07.05.2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wiretapping Trump Tower; A False Allegation Or A Factual & True Event?


When it comes to leaking the confidential information to the media outlets, both FBI & NSA directors claim that they cannot identify the main sources of the leaks in most cases. This simply means some within the Intelligence community leak the confidential data to the media without the knowledge of FBI or NSA directors.
If we accept that this is a true & honest claim, we can come to another logical & reasonable conclusion as follows: That some individual/s within the U.S. intelligence entities might have received an order from somewhere to do the wiretapping or spontaneously have decided to wiretap or intercept Trump Tower without the knowledge of for example the directors of FBI or NSA. In short, When some activity like leaking within the intelligence community would occur beyond the knowledge, power, authority and control of FBI or NSA directors, we can assume that some other activity like wiretapping or intercepting might also occur beyond the knowledge of FBI or NSA directors (This is a simple logical & factual calculation).   

In addition, we should not forget that the director Comey himself has stated recently that "there is no 100% privacy in the USA". Moreover, there is some evidences, which show that some U.S. Intelligence entity/ies has/have intercepted the phone conversation between General Flynn & Russia Ambassador in the USA.

Based on these evidences and many other ongoing events in the USA (Which mostly indicate the Rise of Neo-McCarthyism) we can conclude that there is high probability that some individual/s or entities have wiretapped or intercepted the Trump Tower during 2016 U.S. election.

To put it simply: If i was in the hearing today, i would have asked both FBI & NSA directors the following questions:

A- Who within the U.S. Intelligence community have leaked the confidential data to the media?
Both probably could have answered they don't know.

Then i could have asked the second crushing question as follows.
B- When you don't know who within your entities have leaked the info, how on earth would you say with high probability that no one within your entities has wiretapped or intercepted Trump Tower?
Give me a single logical reason to accept the reliability & credibility of your argument in this regard.

Note: As i have said it earlier: Defending the USA in different terms against any domestic as well as foreign enemy should be an important task for every U.S. citizen. But this issue should not be mixed or accompanied with an anomaly like McCarthyism. The rise of Neo-McCarthyism would extremely damage the liberal values and democratic institutions of the USA. This is a dangerous trend and should be stopped as soon as possible; before it's too late.  

M. Sirani                       20.03.2017 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Some Predictions About The Meeting Between President Trump and Chancellor Merkel.

Briefly some of my predictions following this meeting: (The EU would face a series of uncertainty & instability).

A- A series of economic uncertainty would hit the entire EU zone (Chancellor Merkel will return back to Germany with almost "An Empty Hand" from this meeting).

B- The chance that Angela Merkel would be re-elected again is very very very low.

C- The victory of M. Le Pen in France means the beginning of DEFINITE collapse of the EU.

The consequences of each issues mentioned above in different terms at national, regional and global level are clear.

Note: My predictions are based on A- The body language of both the president & Chancellor Merkel B- Some of their answers during the press conference.

M. Sirani               17.03.2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

China & Russia Are Building "Floating Nuclear Power Plants". Why? For What Reason? Where?

Briefly: Where will these floating nuclear plants be used?

My prediction:
China will use it for its artificial islands in the South East Asia; it seems China has a long term development and expansionist plan in this regard.

Russia will probably use it in the North somewhere in the Arctic, as far as i can anticipate up until this moment.

Due to the massive cost of such a project and the notion that both China & Russia at almost the same period of time have started to build such a floating plants, we can anticipate that this is a well-coordinated and calculated move between Russia & China and it shows that China & Russia have a long term plan in this regard. The only thing i can say is that this is an important development, which should neither be ignored nor underestimated.

M. Sirani                      14.03.2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

New Referendum In Scotland: This Time Scotland Will Highly Likely Separate From the UK Based On,,,

Briefly: In case of new referendum:

This time Scotland will highly likely separate from the UK based on many reasons mainly:

A- Powerful nationalism

B- Confusion in different terms within current UK government specially following the Brexit.

C- Enjoying some opportunities within the EU for Scotland & Scottish people.

D- The influence of the EU.

The combination of many factors particularly four factors mentioned above, would give more probability to the occurrence of such an event.

M. Sirani                 13.03.2017 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

The EU Versus Turkey ( Wrong State, Wrong Time, Wrong Place/S, Wrong Tension ). Russia, China & Iran Should Thank the EU For This Mess.


Whether some like it or not, this is a fact; Turkey has currently the upper hands in many areas in comparison with the EU. The EU politicians should have A REALISTIC ANALYSIS from current situation and solve their problem with Turkey in a diplomatic manner. In case of escalation the tension, the EU would lose a lot much more than Turkey.

Note: Wrong State, Wrong Time, Wrong Place/S, Wrong Tension. 

Those geniuses in the EU should understand that by deportation of Turkey minister or preventing the rallies: 

A- They have created an unnecessary tension at this critical moment. 

B- They have increased the popularity of R. Erdogan and his government among Turkish people (The result of upcoming election in Turkey would confirm my statement in this regard; just watch).  

C- It should be added that Russia, Iran and China should deeply thank you for creating & intensifying this tension with Turkey at this critical moment. 

M. Sirani                  12.03.2017 

Just A Reminder: Some of My Earlier Predictions About Weak or Wrong Polices of Obama Administration-EU With Regard to Turkey.


Contrary to the claim of some historical-political Copier & Paster, who call themselves "Think Tank" or pundit, this tragic event would not start the Third World War. The assassination of the Russian ambassador along with some previous diplomatic disputes between Turkey and the EU - USA (e.g. EU membership, free-visa for Turkish citizens, F. Gulen, etc) have opened the new door of opportunities for Turkey with regards to Russia, Iran and at the end of the road for China as well.
Based on this brief, we can expect many changes with regards to many events in the Middle East, Central Asian countries and Syria as well. The first and important impact of this newly developed rapprochement is that Bashar Assad would remain in the power.

Note: Assassination of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Does Not Mean the Beginning of the Third World War. On the Contrary, it Means The End of the Syrian Civil War Sooner Than some people Thought. R. Erdogan would highly likely trade Syria with other opportunities offered by Iran, Russia & China.
 And the winners are: Iran, Russia, Assad's Regime & China.
The losers are,,,,,,,,,,,, you guess this part. 

What will highly likely happen in the next coming months & years? With high probability In short:

A- Turkey would trade Syria in return to some beneficial deals in different terms with Russia, Iran & China

B- Turkey, Russia and Iran would agree to put an end to the Syrian civil war.

C- Turkey, Russia, Iran and Assad's regime would beat the hell out of ISIS in Syria & consequently in Iraq.

D- Pro-Turkey rebels would get amnesty to remain and live in Syria or move to Turkey.

E- China, Russia and Iran would expand their relations with Turkey as much as they can. In this respect, offering the Shanghai Treaty membership to Turkey could be mentioned. This means a historical crashing point for NATO. 

F- What would happen to 3 million refugees sheltered in Turkey? If the USA & EU would not cover the costs, Turkey would open its borders toward the EU. This means influx of millions of refugees toward the EU countries. 

G- The combination of these events indicate a fact and that is that the entire Middle East and Central Asian countries would experience some type of change/s in different terms.  

And many unpleasant events for the USA and the EU,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

*****All the predictions noted above (And many more other unpleasant events) would come true in the next coming months & years with HIGH PROBABILITY, if the USA & the EU would not fundamentally change their policies with regards to many events in the Middle East and Turkey.  

Honestly: The kindergarten policies of Obama administration, some previous U.S. administrations and some EU countries are the main causes of such a big development.

M. Sirani                 20.12.2016 

Here below are some of my previous short notes in this regard. I repeat my statement again: Considering the chaotic & kindergarten foreign policy of Obama administration, some EU countries and new developments in the region, Turkey should be naive, if it would give up Cyprus at the present time without taking SOME FAT ADVANTAGE/S FROM THE EU & USA.

M. Sirani               09.01.2017

Turkey is Proposing To Trade With Iran, Russia And China With Domestic Currencies (What Did I Predict?).


I don't want to go through my previous short notes dated couple of months or years ago in this regard. I just re-upload some of my short notes- predictions since last week. Once again, i repeat my warning: If the USA and the EU would not solve their differences with Turkey in a diplomatic, logical and reasonable manner, there is high probability that Turkey would join the Shanghai Treaty or totally bandwagon to China-Russia somewhere in the near future. Such a move would change the balance of power profoundly. Needless to explore the winners & losers of such a move and its consequences in different terms.

M. Sirani                          04.12.2016 

Here below are some of my previous warnings in this regard.

1- Freezing Turkey EU Membership Means 

Such a move alone does not solve anything at all and is counterproductive. Some of the primary negative consequences of this move might be:

1- Influx of refugees from Turkey to the EU.
2- A good bye to Cyprus Talk between Greece & Turkey.
3- More chaotic military activities of Turkey in Iraq, Syria and against Kurds.
4- Turkey might bandwagon to Russia & China (President Erdogan has talked about it recently; joining the Shanghai Treaty).

Note: Whether we like it or not, President Erdogan has the upper hand in comparison with USA-the EU, based on many reasons. 

M. Sirani                24.11.2016

2- The Unknown Future of Turkey Following the Collapse of the EU. 


The overall situation within the EU is not in a very good shape. The three countries of Italy, France and Austria are on the verge of leaving the Union. Austria may not, but the separation of France or Italy or both of them from the Union would highly likely lead to the total collapse of the EU. In such a hypothetical scenario, the EU, which is on the verge of total collapse, cannot offer Turkey the membership after all these years promises and negotiations.

Such an event would not be a pleasant news for Ankara and put Turkey in a very difficult position. I don't explore my prediction in this regard in this short note; but, generally speaking, i don't foresee a good picture.

Note: Weak and wrong foreign policy of Obama administration and most of the EU countries has caused and intensified unnecessary tensions and conflicts around the world. The harsh backlash of those wrong policies are haunting some EU states.  
Like always: Most of the so-called "Think Tanks" are in the hibernation mode about such an important event and its potential negative consequences. (Some Living Tape-Recorder just carry the title of Think Tank).  

M. Sirani                 01.12.2016  

3- Warning: President R. Erdogan Urges the Turkish People to Exchange Their Dollars & Euros to Domestic Currency. 


This is not a simple statement, nor is a good sign for the USA & the EU. Such a move means, Turkey is preparing itself to be able to cope with some possible events in the near future.

Note: Special thanks to the wrong, weak and kindergarten foreign policy of Obama administration and some EU countries.

M. Sirani                       04.12.2016

M. Sirani                 01.12.2016  

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Rebirth of New McCarthyism in the USA: Like A Cancerous Tumor, This Destructive Trend Would Destroy The Entire Liberal Values & Democratic Institutions in the USA, If It Would Not be Controlled By U.S. Authority ASP.


This destructive trend would spread into the EU; if it would not be stopped in the USA as soon as possible. This is a serious threat for basic liberal values mainly different types of freedom and global peace & stability.

Note for those, who their brains have remained frozen in the cold war era:
There are huge differences between defending your country from any domestic as well as foreign enemy in different terms and McCarthyism.

M. Sirani         02.03.2017