Friday, May 19, 2017

The Presidential Election in Iran: Rouhani or Raisi?


There is high probability that Rouhani will be elected for the second term. There is some small chance for Raisi. However, no matter, which one of these candidates would become the next president, we should bear in mind that:

A- Different evidences indicate the fact that Both Rouhani & Raisi have close ties with the Supreme Leader Khamenei.

B- As the special representatives of the Supreme Leader, both Rouhani & Raisi have been appointed by Ayatollah Khamenei for some important entities within the Islamic Regime.

C- In this presidential race, Rouhani has more chance to win. However, no matter, Rouhani or Raisi would win the election, the entire policies of the Islamic Regime whether at domestic or foreign affairs will remain the same as before.

M. Sirani                       19.05.2017