Monday, July 17, 2017

Designating IRGC As A Terrorist Organization?


Personally, i believe this is a move, which the USA and its close allies should have done it long time ago.

BUT, due to the fact that The USA, some powerful states within the EU along with some powerful Arab states do not have a clear, effective and coherent strategy with regards to the Iranian regime and many other issues in the Middle East, i can say that such a move not only would not counter and curb the Iranian regime in an effective and powerful manner, but also it would create additional tension and conflict across the region. To put it simply, the negative consequences of such a move would be more than its benefit for the USA & its allies in the region at the present time.

Note: Without a clear strategy & a short and long term plan, you cannot cause any harm to the Iranian regime by such reactionary moves. 38 or 39 years ago, you could; but now now.  

M. Sirani                          17.07.2017