Monday, June 17, 2013

The Best Moment to Checkmate Putin in Syria.

This is the fact that Russia has two important strategic and economic interests in Syria, therefore, the country supports Asad`s regime. In economic terms, Russia has $4 billion trades with Syria annually. Moreover, the strategic and geographical positions of Syria offers Russia the best opportunity with regard to the Mediterranean Sea.  Russia denies these fact and tries to fabricate another reasons for its support in the Syrian affairs. Some of these fabricated ideas are including: 1- the Syrian rebels are cannibals. 2- Russia would not let the Islamist fundamentalists take the power in Syria, because, they are threatening the peace and stability in the region.

In response to Putin`arguments:

The United Nation Security Council should use Putin`s its own argument and designate Hezbollah as an international global terrorist organization.
In this respect, Putin will be checkmated badly domestically as well as internationally.

One might say, this move destabilises Lebanon as well. This is true to some extent. But we should bear in mind, as long as the Syrian conflict is prolonging, in addition to all these challenges within the country, sooner or later, the scope of civil war and conflict will spread beyond the Syrian territory. This event has started partly in Lebanon and mainly in Iraq, and Pakistan. The increasing number of conflict between Shiite and Sunni groups in these countries could be understood in this respect. Thus, the costs would be much higher in different acpects. But, if the United Nation Security Council would designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization now, at least, the Syrian civil war would be solved faster. As such, the conflict would erupt in Lebanon. But, the sideeffects of the conflict in some countries such as Iraq or Pakistan would be limited enormusly, due to the fact that these conflicts would lose their buffer zone (i.e. Syria).       

M. Sirani    (17.06.2013).