Monday, July 22, 2013

Putting just Hezbullah`s Military Arm in the List of Terror!!! Too little, too late!!!

The EU has designated Hezbullah`s military arm as a terrorist organisation!!!
This move does not change anything at all because:
Since 1981-2 (the emergence of Hezbullah) up until now, you have observed this terrorist organization and its unlawful and inhumane activities in different arenas. Through all these years, you should have understood, that this stone aged organisation is threatening the security and stability not just in Lebanon but also in other countries in the Middle East. With all these evidences,now, you want to put just its military arm in the list of terror? This move would not cause any harm to Hezbullah. Why? Simply, because the other parts of this organisation take the responsibility for performing some unlawful activities of for example, money laundering, arms trafficking, etc instead of military arm. As a result, the military arm of this organisation would function the same as before this move. Thus, this plan would not change the behavior of this terrorist organisation and would not prevent Hezbullah to perform its unlawful activities.
Moreover, you might think by this move (as a warning shot), you would be able to change the behavior of Hezbullah in the future. In this respect, i have to clearly tell you: You don`t have the proper knowledge about Islam, Islamic organisation, Hezbullah and what is going on in the Middle East.
Furthermore, this move does not function properly and effectively, because Hezbullah is the subset of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In other words, you cannot do anything about Hezbullah, unless you would do something against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as Hezbullah`s god father. To put it simply: Hezbullah is the Effect and the Revolutionary Guard Corps is the Cause.
Thus, it would be wise to put the Revolutionary Guard Corps (as the main founder, as the main mothership as the main nourisher), and its subset organisations such as Hezbullah in the list of terrorist organisations. In sum, this move is too little to late and does not change anything at ll with reagrds to Syria and some other unlawful activities of Hezbollah.
M. Sirani           22.07.2013