Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Simple Questions For Lady Catherine Ashton and The Telegraph (Hijab and Lunch Nuclear Doctrine).

The Telegraph (24 NOV 2013):

"Iran nuclear deal takes Catherine Ashton from 'zero' to hero"(Telegraph, 2013).

Questions for Lady Ashton:

1- What was the result of nuclear negotiation with the Iranian Regime after all those diplomatic marathons?

2-  Did you achieve any positive result with regard to Iran's nuclear activity, in addition to all those friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Javad Zarif?

Question for David Blair the writer of article published in the Telegraph:

Dear David Blair:
1- Would you please explain for us the difference between "Zero" and "Hero" words in an easy and understandable manner?

Note: To be continued because the result of "Hijab and Lunch Nuclear Doctrine" is still

M. Sirani                                               28.09.2014

The Telegraph(2013). Iran nuclear deal takes Catherine Ashton from 'zero' to hero.
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