Friday, September 5, 2014

Another Unreliable Report of BBC Persian.

As BBC Persian claims, Ayatollah Khamenei has authorized Iran's military top commander to co-operate military operations with the US in Iraq. The main source of this news, published by BBC Persian, was unknown. This ambiguity encouraged me to find the main source of this event. After many search, i couldn't find any article about this order among the Islamic Regime's news agencies.

The reliability of this news became more questionable, when i watched the latest video clip of Ayatollah Khamenei in a meeting with some members of the Assembly of Experts. In this meeting, which took place Yesterday (04.09.2014), Ayatollah Khamenei mentions some important issues, which all of them are in total contradiction with what BBC Persian tries to pretend by publishing this news.

In that meeting, Khamenei emphasized on some issues as follows:

- The Western power (particularly the USA) is declining in different terms; thus the notion that we (Iran) should accept the supremacy and obey the West is a false, wrong and dangerous premise.

- The USA has lost its reputation in the world due to some events including: more than fifty military coups since the end of the Second World War up until now, scandals in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo prisons, the CIA secret prisons across the EU, the use of nuclear bombs in Japan and the failures of the USA in Afghanistan, Iraq,  etc.

- The Western world order has failed and collapsed in different terms.

- As such, Iran should empower itself in different terms; should use all its capacities and leverages in domestic and abroad; be prepared and should play an important role in the creation (i emphasize on this point) of new world order.

In sum: This is the fact that the Iranian Regime enjoys the current policy of the USA and its allies in Iraq, due to the fact that this policy will end up to the previous status quo; when the whole Iraq was under the command and control of Iran. But publishing such a news without any reliable reference by BBC Persian at the moment that USA and UK are trying to build a core coalition without Iran and Syria against IS during the current NATO Summit; at the moment that Iran's nuclear negotiation has reached another deadlock after a couple of months discussions; at the moment that Ayatollah Khamenei clearly reveals his hostility against the West in his speech Yesterday, raises some serious questions as follows. What is the main goal of BBC Persian by publishing such a doubtful and more likely false report? Is BBC Persian worried that by the formation of the U.S. coalition without Iran and Syria, the Islamic Regime would lose its influence in Iraq and consequently in Syria? Or BBC Persian is worried about the false reputation that it has made for Rouhani?

Here below is the link of Khamenei's speech in that meeting.

M. Sirani                                05.09.2014