Friday, November 13, 2015

The Citizens of EU Countries Do Not Experience Security & Safety, As Long As The Civil Wars in Syria, Iraq and Libya Continue.

In addition to those countries mentioned above, some other countries such as Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali and highly likely Tunisia are the bases for various Islamic terrorist groups at the present. But due to many factors including the lack of capability of terrorist groups,  these countries do not produce imminent threat for the EU at the present time. This condition, however, does not last for ever. As long as the international community would be able to defeat the terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya in a professional and fundamental manner, some of these terrorists would move to Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali and Tunisia and would begin with their unlawful and illegitimate activities in these countries.

Briefly: We should put an end to all civil wars in these countries as quickly as possible; otherwise we suffer a lot in the coming months and years, much more than what we are observing these days.

M. Sirani                 13.11.2015