Saturday, April 2, 2016

IMF Should Not Play the Game WIth Greece At This Critical Moment (The Lack of Risk Management & Policy Analysis Expert within IMF).


The Lack of Risk Management & Policy Analysis Expert within IMF.

Undoubtedly, Brexit would cause many problems in different terms for the EU. But playing the game with Greece in terms of debt relief at this critical stage that the country is struggling with many problems mainly weak economy and huge influx of refugees, would cause more harms in different terms particularly security arena to the whole EU. The policy makers in the IMF should look at this case with more attention and understand that we are in the beginning of a long term tough and harsh journey in different terms mainly 1- global economic downturn (Based on my prediction, a global economic crisis is around the corner) and 2- The threat of radical Islamic Terrorism, 3- Huge influx of refugees and 4- The possibility of a Grexit as a result of IMF negligence. Any earthquake in Greece at this critical moment would badly shake the whole EU. 

Note: Who are these IMF officials? Don't they see that just a handful terrorists have paralyzed some powerful countries within the EU? Don't they understand the scale of threat & damage? I'm serious: Do these officials have any basic knowledge about some subjects such as Risk Management or Policy Analysis? Do these officials have enough and appropriate qualification for the job they do? Are these IMF officials familiar with the term "Grexit" (A possibility that exists) and its consequences?
It is really shocking me that such a huge organization cannot calculate such a simple issue and its consequences.  I can prove to those IMF officials that at this critical moment (I emphasize at this critical moment, which would continue for some months or maybe some years to come), a Grexit would cause more damages in different terms to the whole EU than a Brexit. Those IMF officials would understand my statement in this matter, if they would conduct a comparison between a Grexit and Brexit in different social, cultural, political, economical and security arenas. The main problem is that those IMF officials are just focusing on economic part of the story and not the other factors. That is totally wrong. 

M. Sirani                     02.04.2016

Reference: Leaked IMF Letter (Huffington Post).