Saturday, April 2, 2016

The EU (Greece & Turkey) Refugees Swap Will Highly Likely Cause Revolt & Instability in Both Greece and Turkey (The Chaotic Environment Might Be Used By ISIS).


We should bear in mind that many of these refugees

A- Have paid couple of thousands dollars to reach the EU i.e. Greece.
B- Many of these refugees have lost some of their family members or relatives in this horrific journey.
C- Many of these refugees were in Turkey and due to the lack of basic shelter, medical help, food, etc left Turkey towards Greece.
D- Many of these refugees do not trust Turkey's government in terms of basic civil & human rights and security.
And many other reasons.

The combination of these issues would undoubtedly encourage the refugees to some types of revolt and protest. Such a chaotic environment might be used by ISIS or any other terrorist groups to perform a terrorist attack somewhere within Turkey, Greece or somewhere else. 

Note: We should not forget that both Turkey & Greece, each from different angles, are suffering from some type of instability and domestic problems.

M. Sirani                02.04.2016