Thursday, May 5, 2016

Briefly: Some of MY Predictions About the Next Couple of Years.


The next couple of years would not be calm & steady for all of us in different terms & scales, due to the fact that we would highly likely face many unpredictable events. Among these events, which occurrence of any of them, would automatically impact other parts of the world: A- Highly likely presidency of D. Trump and the effect of this event in different terms whether at domestic level within the USA or at the global level B- A long term low oil price and its devastating consequences in different terms (social, economic, and political) at national, regional and global levels, C- Highly likely defeating most parts of ISIS in both Syria & Iraq and accordingly spreading some members of ISIS around the world mostly in the Middle East, Africa and EU, D- The sanctions on Iran have been lifted. This issue would empower & strengthen Iran in different terms. As a result, we should observe more offensive & expansionist move from Iran and consequently more hostility between Iran and Israel-Saudi Arabia in the region. E- Due to the fact that Iran & Russia have the upper hands in Syria, the West would try to weaken Russia in Ukraine in retaliation. In case of Presidency of Clinton we would probably witness escalation of tension in Ukraine. In case of no diplomatic solution in Ukraine, the tension might spread to the Baltic States, (etc), could be mentioned.                                        

M. Sirani                     05.05.2016