Friday, July 1, 2016

The Brexit.


Many politicians as well as pundits are not fully aware of the overall impact, consequences and complications of the Brexit in short & long term at national, regional and global levels. In this respect, i can simply say that the Brexit like some other important historical events such as Westphalian Peace Treaty, the second world war or the collapse of the Soviet Union will profoundly change and shape the international politics in different terms in the long run.

Note: As far as i review the news in this matter, i see most of the articles are exploring some issues such as uncertainty in the market, invoking Article 50, how to reverse the referendum and some shallow explanations like these. These articles are, in fact, simplifying an important historical event in our contemporary world. Brexit is much more than these shallow articles. The scar of Brexit will deeply change and shape the face of international politics in different terms.  Germany & France can gain a lot from this event, if they identify the opportunities resulted from Brexit. The Brexit is, in addition, the starting point of the fall of United Kingdom Empire. And many other events,,,,,,,,,,,,

M. Sirani      01.07.2016