Friday, September 30, 2016

A Warning For International Community: Any Attempt For Establishing A No-Fly-Zone in Syria Would Lead to A Total War in Many Battlefields Beyond the Syrian Borders.


Those, who have visited my blog, would easily understand how do i think & feel about the Iranian Regime; They would simply understand that as an Iranian dissident in exile, i believe that the Iranian Regime should be overthrown. But when it comes to current situation in Syria, i don't let my logical will and wish with regards to the future of  Iranian Regime close my eyes to the reality on the ground in Syria.
I follow the news about various events in the Middle East including the Syrian civil war carefully on daily bases. I have been noticed that since couple of months ago up until now, many preparations in various parts of the Middle East and Eastern parts of the EU have been done. All these separate preparations ( in terms of timing and geography) like some separate pieces of a puzzle are gradually sticking together and forming a complete picture about a plan for Syria for me. A prepared No-Fly-Zone plan, which is waiting for a suitable moment, to be quickly performed.

This is a totally wrong plan at this stage and in case of implementation, it would lead to a total war and chaos beyond the geographical borders of Syria; beyond the will, power and authority of any state.

Note: Current Syria is not former Yugoslavia in 1994-5, nor is Iraq in 1990-1, nor is Libya in 2011. AVOID MISCALCULATION AND MIRROR IMAGING. 

In terms of power and authority of the central government, some might think that the current Assad's regime is weak and is similar to those political systems in Iraq (1990-91) or Libya(2011). There is no doubt that the civil war has weakened the Regime and Bashar Assad has lost some parts of the country either to ISIS or some rebel groups. But this issue is not the only determinant factor in case of implementation of a No-Fly-Zone. There are many other important factors, which the combination of all of them distinguishes the weak Assad's Regime from those weak political systems.  

M. Sirani              30.09.2016