Sunday, September 11, 2016

Any Attempt For Establishing A No-Fly-Zone in North Syria Without A Collective Consensus of Assad's Regime, Iran & Russia Means A Declaration of War; A Total War Across the Middle East and Some Parts of Africa.


Needles to explore the negative consequences of such a move in this short note. Because, this is a simple and basic fact and those genius politicians (Living Copier & Paster) in Obama administration and EU countries should have an appropriate knowledge about it.

The US, UK and Germany ground forces, whether in the form of combat, training or logistic forces, have been deployed into Syria since many couple of months ago as far as i know. In addition to this, the Turkish army has recently started an offensive operation inside Syria since couple of days ago. Many shallow minded & illiterate politicians across the region and some western countries including genius H. Clinton have been proposing a No-Fly-Zone in North Syria. The combination of all these moves and talks indicates a fact that it seems the desperate countries want to commit a suicide in Syria. I have written a short note in this matter one month ago. Those who are interested, can visit the following link.


M. Sirani              11.09.2016