Monday, January 28, 2013

Explosion at Fordo Nuclear Facility!?

The recent blast in Fordo facility raises some questions including:

1- Did this blast really happen?
2- Did this blast happen at 19th or 26th January?
3- What was the main cause of the blast?
4- Did this blast happen due to an accident?
5- Did this blast happen due to a clandestine or covert action from somewhere against this facility?

According to RSOE Map, the blast has occured on 26.01.2013 at 05:04:09. The probability that this blast happened due to a clandestine or covert action is very low. If it was so, we would have experienced for sure some type of retaliation against the West in some area e.g. Iraq,Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yaman, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. There is one serious question left; whether this event happened accidently or not. We should bear in mind that the Islamic Regime never ever put all its eggs in one basket. Moreover, as far as we know, Fordo facility locates almost 60 to 90 meters under ground. This issue simply shows that Iran has built this facility deep under ground, in order to maximize the security and surveillance of this nuclear plant as much as it can. From this, we can deduce that the Islamic Regime should be more careful and cautious about this particular facility, much more than any other nuclear facilities in Iran. To be more clear, if this blast happened accidently in Bushehr or Natanz plants, it was more acceptable for me. Based on this simple calculation, we are facing some other questions:
6- Did Iran carry out an extraordinary test, which it could n`t control the consequences?
7- Or is it a new game to delay the nuclear negotiation in the future?

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