Saturday, January 26, 2013

To Those Iran's Experts

To Those Iran's Experts:

In order to have an appropriate and more reliable analysis about the future actions of the Islamic Regime, you should have a proper set of knowledge about 1- the structure of power within this political system, 2- Shia baranch of Islam and 3- The mentality and culture of Iranian people. The combination of these three elemnts make you able to have an accurate analysis. Otherwise, you are faceing with some serious issues including: Mirror Imaging, Analytical Error, Cassandra Complex and .......................... 

If you don`t have these qualifications,  Please don`t apply for such huge responsibility. Because, your miscalculation would bring the lives of millions of people (in and out of Iran) at devastating risk. Whether you or your authority like it or not, you should remember, we have arrived at this dangerous no-turning point, because of miscalculation of you or someone like you. 34 years time is too much for an analysis.