Friday, July 26, 2013

About Newly Elected President Rouhani!!!

Those, who think that the newly elected president "Rouhani" will change the course of Iran in the domestic as well as international affairs, should read the essay titled "The structure of power in the Islamic Republic of Iran" in my weblog. Of course, if they don`t want to deceive themselves or others. I don`t have the time and i don`t want to waste my time to write an artcile about Rouhani. Because as i have proved in that essay, within the structure of the Islamic Regime, the president is just a puppet and nothing more. Briefly, Rouhani is the samrtest presidents that the Islamic Regime has ever had and he will be the most beneficial presidents for the Islamic Regime. To put its simply, my advice to all either Iranians, who voted for him, or foreigners is as follows: Be ready to be deceived this time by Rouhani and the Islamic regime more than ever. 

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