Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Best Historical Moment to Test the Musim Brotherhood!!!

We have heard in many occaions that some politcians, institutes, or scholars identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate Islamist organization. This is the best historical moment to test the reliability of this assumption. If the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate organization as some portray, this entity and its followers should not use weapons to defend their rights. Instead of the use of weapons and violence,this entity and its followers should use political, social, cultural and legal tools in their struggle in Egypt.

Notification: As i have mentioned in an earlier note, the term Moderate Muslim is an artificial and useless term. One might wonder why? From the term moderate Muslim, we imagine a person, who should believe to the rule of law, separation of church and state notion, universal declaration of human rights, etc. In this respect, there is no difference between such a person and i (as an Iranian athesist) or a christian American, or a Chinese buddhist, who believe and agree with these liberal values. Thus the term Moderate Muslim and this type of categorization are useless and have no real meaning. Because, no one calls me a Moderate Iranian atheist. Moreover, we should be honest with ourself and asnwer the question of: what is the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to impose the Sharia law in Egypt and the Taliban, who want to perform the same Sharia law in Afghanistan?
The only difference i see is that the members of the Muslim Brothehood wear suit and tie, the Taliban do not. The ideological nature and the essense of both organizations are the same.
As my final recommendtion, i have to imply that presently, the international community should act in two directions simoltanously: Firstly, it has to push the Muslim Brotherhood to completely behave and react in a peaceful and nonviolent manner in its struggle in Ehypt. Secondly, the international community has to push the current political system in Egypt towards more democratization, secularization and more generally,implementation of sustainable development in different economic, political, social and cultural arenas.These two issues should be performed and implemented parallel to each other,otherwise, sooner or later, Egypt will enter to a civil war.

M. Sirani                27.07.2013