Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Instead of U.S. Troops, The UN Should Have Deployed Its Peacekeeping Force to Iraq.

The U.S. troops might be able to defeat Sunni Fundamentalist groups in Iraq after a while; but this event does not put an end in the conflictual situation in Iraq based on many reasons.
It would have been better that instead of the U.S. troops, the United Nations could deploy its peacekeeping force to Iraq based on many reasons including the public opinion of people in Iraq and other neighboring countries. The UN Peacekeeping force could defeat the Sunni fundamentalist groups and at the same time indirectly and directly dismantle the power and influence of the Islamic Regime in Iraq. Should this happen, the international community could shut down the free highway of the Iranian Regime from Tehran to Damascus. Such an event could ease the tension in Syria in a large scale.

Note: The foreign policy of the USA is a total confusion in this matter. Once, the USA pulled back its troops in Iraq, while it knew that Iraq is falling in the hand of the Iranian Regime. Now, the USA has again deployed its troops to Iraq. Do these genius policy makers in the USA know, what are they doing? what do they want to achieve? How do they achieve their objective?  (I don't think so).

M. Sirani                                       11.06.2014