Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Current Tension in Iraq; A Clash Between Sunni ISIS and Shiite Al Maleki Government.

The experience of last couple of years in Iraq has clearly shown that the ridiculous type of Federalism based on race and religion not only does not function at all, but also has created extra problem for Iraq, all the neighboring countries and consequently for the whole international community. The tension between ISIS (Sunni group), Al Maleki government (Shiite group) and Kurdish region is escalating rapidly and this conflict is going to include the whole country and to some extent the neighboring countries as well. Some other external actors such as the Iranian Regime, Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries are directly and indirectly involved in this conflict. This is a fact, which cannot be denied.

In such a conflictual environment, any military intervention, either by the USA alone or by a coalition of the USA and some European countries or by the United Nations Peacekeeping force would end up to a devastating fiasco. Because the main reason of this conflict lies in the wrong and ridiculous type of political system in Iraq. As such, before any intervention, the political system in Iraq should be completely reconstructed again. This means the international community should have a clear plan in this matter before doing any move in Iraq. Otherwise, Iraq would end up to either a total secession or a long term civil war for many years to come.

The U.S. should not repeat the same mistake that has done in 2003 in Iraq.

M. Sirani                                   18.06.2014