Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Warning: Hilary Clinton is Like A Sinking Ship; So, Perform A "Risk Management" Before Supporting Her.


No matter what would be the outcome of upcoming presidential election in the U.S.; no matter Clinton would be the next U.S. president or not, one thing is Chrystal Clear and that is:

Due to continuous Emails and Clinton Foundation scandals, Hilary Clinton is like a sinking ship. She will drag down with herself her wealthy & powerful supporters at national, regional and global levels. As long as Clinton continues with the presidential race, many curious people (Ally & Enemy) around the world would focus on Clinton. As a result, more names and contacts would be released in the public domain. In other words, Clinton scandals would be shared with other wealthy, powerful & famous people around the world. Such an event would ruin the reputation of many people around the world, in addition to Clintons.

Based on brief noted above, it would be wise that both Bill & Hillary Clinton retire themselves from all political activities and enjoy the rest of their lives with couple of hundreds millions dollars, which have been donated to their so-called "Foundation". Otherwise, the international community would face a big problem; due to the fact that Clinton scandals are much worse than Watergate Scandal.

M. Sirani                        30.08.2016