Sunday, March 12, 2017

The EU Versus Turkey ( Wrong State, Wrong Time, Wrong Place/S, Wrong Tension ). Russia, China & Iran Should Thank the EU For This Mess.


Whether some like it or not, this is a fact; Turkey has currently the upper hands in many areas in comparison with the EU. The EU politicians should have A REALISTIC ANALYSIS from current situation and solve their problem with Turkey in a diplomatic manner. In case of escalation the tension, the EU would lose a lot much more than Turkey.

Note: Wrong State, Wrong Time, Wrong Place/S, Wrong Tension. 

Those geniuses in the EU should understand that by deportation of Turkey minister or preventing the rallies: 

A- They have created an unnecessary tension at this critical moment. 

B- They have increased the popularity of R. Erdogan and his government among Turkish people (The result of upcoming election in Turkey would confirm my statement in this regard; just watch).  

C- It should be added that Russia, Iran and China should deeply thank you for creating & intensifying this tension with Turkey at this critical moment. 

M. Sirani                  12.03.2017