Monday, March 20, 2017

Wiretapping Trump Tower; A False Allegation Or A Factual & True Event?


When it comes to leaking the confidential information to the media outlets, both FBI & NSA directors claim that they cannot identify the main sources of the leaks in most cases. This simply means some within the Intelligence community leak the confidential data to the media without the knowledge of FBI or NSA directors.
If we accept that this is a true & honest claim, we can come to another logical & reasonable conclusion as follows: That some individual/s within the U.S. intelligence entities might have received an order from somewhere to do the wiretapping or spontaneously have decided to wiretap or intercept Trump Tower without the knowledge of for example the directors of FBI or NSA. In short, When some activity like leaking within the intelligence community would occur beyond the knowledge, power, authority and control of FBI or NSA directors, we can assume that some other activity like wiretapping or intercepting might also occur beyond the knowledge of FBI or NSA directors (This is a simple logical & factual calculation).   

In addition, we should not forget that the director Comey himself has stated recently that "there is no 100% privacy in the USA". Moreover, there is some evidences, which show that some U.S. Intelligence entity/ies has/have intercepted the phone conversation between General Flynn & Russia Ambassador in the USA.

Based on these evidences and many other ongoing events in the USA (Which mostly indicate the Rise of Neo-McCarthyism) we can conclude that there is high probability that some individual/s or entities have wiretapped or intercepted the Trump Tower during 2016 U.S. election.

To put it simply: If i was in the hearing today, i would have asked both FBI & NSA directors the following questions:

A- Who within the U.S. Intelligence community have leaked the confidential data to the media?
Both probably could have answered they don't know.

Then i could have asked the second crushing question as follows.
B- When you don't know who within your entities have leaked the info, how on earth would you say with high probability that no one within your entities has wiretapped or intercepted Trump Tower?
Give me a single logical reason to accept the reliability & credibility of your argument in this regard.

Note: As i have said it earlier: Defending the USA in different terms against any domestic as well as foreign enemy should be an important task for every U.S. citizen. But this issue should not be mixed or accompanied with an anomaly like McCarthyism. The rise of Neo-McCarthyism would extremely damage the liberal values and democratic institutions of the USA. This is a dangerous trend and should be stopped as soon as possible; before it's too late.  

M. Sirani                       20.03.2017