Sunday, November 12, 2017

An Antidote For Possible Plot in Lebanon (A Solution).


As an Iranian in exile, i'm totally against the Iranian Regime & its proxies. However, based on my analysis about overall consequences & side effects of this plan (Destabilization of Lebanon, South of Syria, etc etc), i have come to some reasonable conclusions as follows.
Based on my analysis, this plan not only do not mitigate & weaken the position of Iran & Hezbollah in both Syria & Lebanon, on the contrary, it would strengthen & empower them in the region. In addition, this plan, in terms of implementation, would cause a huge destruction, large number of collateral damages and hundreds of thousands or probably millions refugees & displaced people around the entire Middle East or maybe more in some parts of Africa as well.
Due to this analysis, i believe as an ordinary human being, this is my responsibility to prevent such a disaster as much as i can. Here below is one of my solutions for preventing such a disaster in the Middle East.

A well- organized & inclusive national rally in the entire Lebanon demanding Hariri's return to the country would to a large extent dismantle the possible plot in Lebanon. This rally should repeatedly continue until S. Hariri would return back to Lebanon & save the country from another useless, bloody & devastating war & civil war.

M. Sirani                        12.11.2017