Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Warning: Following the Blockade of Yemen, Houthis Might Paralyze the Ship Routes in the Gulf of Aden or Bab-El-Mandeb Strait By Their Missiles & Rockets.

As I Said in 2015, Yemen is A Quagmire Worse Than Afghanistan or Syria. The country is currently suffering from all kinds of disaster such as famine, lake of food, water, medicine & different types of diseases such as cholera. The recent imposed blockade puts the life of millions innocent people at serious risk. This horrific condition would force the Houthis to react in every possible manner they can. I have said this in 2015 & say it again: The Houthis can paralyze the ship routes in the Gulf of Aden, Bab-El-Mandeb Stait & the Red Sea by their missiles & Rockets. We should bear in mind that Bab-El-Mandeb Strait is nearly 30 km wide and is one of the most strategic routes in the world.
Once again, i repeat my previous statement: Yemen conflict would not be solved by military operation.

M. Sirani                          08.11.2017