Saturday, November 11, 2017

Warning: Those, Who Have Planned to Destabilize Lebanon Hoping to Defeat Hezbollah & Undermine Iran's Role in Lebanon, Should Not Once or Twice, But Also Multiple Times Reevaluate Their Plan in This Regard.


Undoubtedly, any attempt in this regard, would cause a broad destruction, couple of hundreds of thousands or probably millions displaced refugees and large numbers of collateral damages. But this attempt not only would not achieve its main objectives i.e. destroying Hezbollah & the influence of Iran; on the contrary would empower & strengthen the position of Iran & Hezbollah at home & abroad. Such an attempt, in addition, would undoubtedly change the face of the Middle East in the benefit of Iran.

Note: A quick review in this blog, clearly shows that I'm among those Iranians in exile, who strongly, reasonably & logically believe that the Iranian regime cannot, will not & shall not accept, tolerate and perform any tangible reform somewhere in the future based on its inherent & structural characteristics. Based on these special inherent & structural characteristics, A simple reform in the Iranian regime would cause the sudden & total collapse of this regime exactly like those "Perestroika & Glasnost" reforms of M. Gorbachev, which led to the total collapse of the Soviet Union & its bloc. As such, in my opinion, this regime should be overthrown without any doubt. But, based on my analysis about various factors with regards to this possible event, i can tell you by high level of certainty that such a plan would end up into a catastrophic fiasco & accordingly, the Iranian regime & its allies would be the final winners of this plot. My suggestion: reevaluate your plan in this regard not once or twice but also multiple times. Because this plan, in terms of implementation, would cost you a lot more than damaging the Iranian regime & its proxies. 

M. Sirani                        11.11.2017