Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Warning: The Potentially Security Threat of "Pokémon Go" Game At the Age of Terror and Mass Shooting.


I leave aside the overall effects of Pokemon Go game on the mindset of current young generation. This is, in fact, the task of some experts in social psychology or anthropology not mine.
But i think in terms of security and safety, this game has the potentiality to be used in a very negative & devastating manner in the hands of some terrorists or mass shooters.

As an example, a skilled hacker linked to ISIS, Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist groups or a mass shooter or a child abuser might hack the game and lead some selected individual or group/s to a special location for a horrific assassination, hostage taking or a terrorist attack. There is some potentiality in this matter, which should neither be ignored nor underestimated, in my opinion. This is one of the negative side effects of the combination of Virtually & Reality in our daily lives and we should deal with it in a very careful, appropriate and professional manner; before it's too late.

Note: I hope my prediction would not come true but in case of hacking Pokemon Go game and a tragic event after that family/ies of victim/s or a state can simply sue Niantic, iOC or Apple for large amount of money due to this "loophole"; if i may call it.  

M. Sirani                                  24.07.2016