Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Alarming Event for the USA, EU and NATO: Incirlik Air Base in Turkey is Still Without Power.


Following the recent military coup, the Turkish authority cut off the power in the Incirlik Air Base due to some security measures. Contrary to many requests of the Pentagon, the Turkish authority has not restore the power yet. This event, even at temporarily scale, is not a simple matter and should be taken seriously based on many reasons.

Erdogan & Akp will highly likely use the following leverages as extortion in order to achieve some goals including the extradition of F. Gulen from the USA.

A- The large numbers of refugees sheltered in Turkey.
B- The importance of using the Turkish territory in war against ISIS.
C- The importance of using the Turkish territory in any type of conflict against Russia.
D- The existence of some US nuclear weapon in the Incirlik Air Base (I hope, I'm wrong in this particular matter).

By this type of move, Turkey can put the USA & the EU at a very critical and difficult position at the present. The consequences of this move are not pleasant neither for USA, nor for the EU nor for the NATO at short and long term.

Note: In my opinion, as inherent characteristics of the rapid Islamization, Erdogan and AKP party are turning Turkey into a revisionist state; a state with some unpredictable, unexpected and adventurous characteristics and behaviors. This should be an alarming sign for the USA, EU and NATO.  

M. Sirani                     20.07.2016