Thursday, July 21, 2016

NATO and EU Should Be Aware That Turkey is Rapidly Moving Towards a Totally Wrong & Destabilizing and Dangerous Direction in Different Terms.


What we are observing currently in Turkey is not some simple and temporarily Politicization & Securitization policy (Copenhagen School) derived from Erdogan & AKP counter-coup measures. This is, in fact, the beginning of an extreme & endless dark era in the history of Turkey. The consequences of this dark era would be devastating in different terms not only for Turkey and Turkish people but also for the EU, NATO and the region.

Note: During an interview with Al Jazeera news agency, R. Erdogan said: there is some probability that a pilot among the coup plotters shot down the Russian jet (This is a simple statement; but it means a lot in reality. NATO & EU should not underestimate nor ignore such alarming signs and statements. In short, Turkey will highly likely shift its direction in various terms including in foreign affairs. The eyes of current Turkish political system are gradually focusing on the East, instead of the West, in my opinion). 

M. Sirani                 21.07.2016