Sunday, October 23, 2016

20 Turkish Tanks have Entered into North Syria (Once Again: No-Fly-Zone in Syria Means A Broad War in Many Battlefields Beyond Syria).

Those, who would try to perform No-Fly-Zone in Syria will badly lose the battle based on my calculations. Thus; don't ever think about it.

Note: You might be able to compete with Russia & China in military terms in this battle, but you cannot win the broad & prolonged proxy wars designed by Iranian Regime & its affiliates neither in Syria, nor in Iraq nor in Lebanon & many other places in the Middle East such as Bahrain and even within Saudi Arabia. Iran has not used all its resources in Bahrain & Saudi Arabia yet; but that does not mean it can't.

I hate the Iranian regime and i hate to say that. But this is a fact based on my calculations in different terms from both sides of this battle.

M. Sirani                        23.10.2016