Thursday, October 13, 2016

Warning: Obama to Decide Military Strikes on Syria Tomorrow (Friday, 14.10.2016) (Invaders on Syria Will Undoubtedly Lose the battle in Different Terms in Many Battlefields Not Only Within Syria But Also Beyond Syria Across The Middle East.

Briefly: I'm totally against the Iranian Regime, But:

Any military strikes on Syria, Syrian army or Syrian Regime institutions by any state no matter who powerful, will undoubtedly lead to a total failure of invaders in different terms beyond the geographical territory of Syria across the entire Middle East, some parts of Africa and probably in Ukraine as well.

Such a move:

1- Would create a broad and prolong war and proxy wars in multiple battlefields.
2- Would facilitate the best fertile land for many new Radical Islamic Groups in addition to current ones like ISIS or Al-Qaeda.
3- Would facilitate a best opportunity for various radical Islamic groups to deploy some of their forces into the EU territory.
4- Would probably paralyze the normal transportation route of oil and gas from the Middle East to other areas around the world.
5- Would cause the collateral damage of large numbers of innocent civilians.
6- Would highly likely change not only the balance of power but also some political systems in the entire region in a very drastic, fast and fundamental manner.
7- Such a chaotic environment would undoubtedly drag Israel into direct military confrontation with some state/s and non-state actors.


The consequences of military strikes on Syrian regime are numerous. I just can say that such a move, exactly like the First World War will automatically drag many states and non-state actors into an endless and broad war in many battlefields; something that nobody, no state or no international body will be able to finish it in a short period of time. Such a move in a very optimistic manner, will be a huge regional suicide for some.

Thus: Don't be stupid; avoid any miscalculation mirror imaging and adventurism; think twice.

M. Sirani                  13.10.2016