Monday, October 24, 2016

Arming the Syrian Rebels With Anti Aircraft Weapons; Think Twice. Because, Russia, Iran, China & Assad's Regime Can Do The Same.

Briefly: If U.S. - led coalition arms the Syrian Rebels with Anti aircraft missiles:

Russia, China, Iran & Assad's forces might not directly attack the U.S. -led coalition air forces at this stage. But, there are many Shiite affiliates, who are fighting for the benefit of Iranian regime in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. Russia, China, Iran or Assad's Regime can simply arm those non-state Shiite actors with anti aircraft weapons in retaliation and create a No-Fly-Zone for U.S. - Led coalition in many areas in Syria & Iraq.

Note: Current condition in the Middle East & Syria is not like Afghanistan in 1980s. Avoid Mirror Imaging. 

M. Sirani                 24.10.2016