Monday, October 31, 2016

650,000 New Emails Were Found in Weiner’s Laptop!!! (A Failed State Like Somalia or Current Iraq Has Better Security & Intelligence Regulations Than The Super Power USA).


Just think about the followings. 
A- Clinton worked as the Secretary of State for nearly four years. It means: 365 x 4= 1460 days ======> Clinton worked at SD.
B- FBI has found 650,000 emails in a separate file entitled “Insurance” or something like this in A. Weiner's computer. If we divide 650,000 emails on the number of days that H. Clinton has worked in SD, 650,000 ÷ 1460 days= We come to nearly 445 emails daily! It means Clinton has received or sent nearly 445 emails on average every single day. Just think about it: Considering the important task of a Secretary of State in different terms, how many employees are needed to check, read and answer this size of highly classified, confidential and officially important emails for Hilary Clinton every single day?

What do I think? I think these 650,000 emails are private archive of Hillary Clinton about her last couple of years’ activities. H. Clinton didn’t want FBI or any other governmental entity could have access to her private archive. At the same time, she didn’t want to totally delete and bleach her archive permanently based on many reasons including her Grandiose Foundation. In such a circumstance, H. Clinton should have saved her archive in a very protected area & close to a trustworthy person. In this respect, who was better than Huma Abedin. Huma was like a daughter for Hillary as she repeatedly claims. To put it simply, in my opinion, these 650,000 emails are precious sources and can clearly expose illegal, illegitimate & criminal activities of Clinton dynasty; of course, if they would be in the hands of right people, not corrupt ones. 

Note: A Failed State Like Somalia or Current Iraq Has Better Security & Intelligence Regulations Than The Super Power USA. 

The ridiculous part is here that one of U.S. based news agencies said that Huma Abedin was sent State Department's Docs to her Yahoo email; because she could print them easier in her Yahoo account (Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Don't Bulshit. Even in the remote area in the middle of the rain forest, every member of those tribes, who lives there, understand that you are bulshiting. Thus, shut down the kindergarten and clean up the mess in your system and moreover, don't blame Russian spies. Because, Your kindergarten does not need spy. Some genius people like Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and many other like them would publish all classified & confidential documents in the internet in different ways & terms.  
Just think about the following:
In the USA, you have CIA, NSA, BFI and many other security & intelligence entities. In comparison with the rest of the world, the USA is number one with regards to security & intelligence issues. All of a sudden, you hear nearly 650,000 emails related to high ranking employees of U.S. State Department have been found in the private computer of Mr A. Weiner, who is thinking with his penis instead of his brain. How do you analyze this event? How would FBI, CIA, NSA; etc react in this matter? What type of excuse do they have in this matter? 
Not to mention that Huma Abedin as the closest employee of H. Clinton didn't have "Security Clearance", while she was working in the State Department; while she had the password of Hillary Clinton's personal & professional emails. You are unbelievable. No wonder, the USA is rapidly declining in different terms.   

M. Sirani                   31.10.2016