Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hillary Clinton Does Not Have Too Much Chance, if


Based on many reasons, Hillary Clinton does not have too much chance in the U.S. presidential election of 2016; of course, if the Republicans would manage to do their job in this matter in a very professional and appropriate manner.

Some of the weaknesses of Hillary Clinton in this matter are briefly as follows.

There are huge controversial issues with regards to political and private performances of both Mr and Mrs. Clinton. We leave aside Mr. Clinton's part in this matter. Mr.s Clinton couldn't fulfill her duty, as the Secretary of State, in a very reliable, precise and professional manner. Among her negative points in this matter:

1- Attacking Libya without Congressional Authorization or any United Nations Resolution happened during Mrs. Clinton watch.

2- 2012 Benghazi attack occurred during Mrs. Clinton watch.

3- Mrs. Clinton used a private email address for her sensitive official job a the Secretary of State.

4- Some might disagree with this point, but in reality age matters. Mrs. Clinton is 67 years old at the present. Next year, she will be 68 years old. Will she have enough capacity and ability in different terms to become the president of the United States of America in the next five years and further more, in the second term?

Some might claim that age is not an important issue by using the age of President Reagan as an example. That's true, Ronald Reagan became the President of U.S. at the age of 69. But there are huge differences between President Reagan and Mrs. Clinton in various terms. We should bear in mind that President Reagan : 1- was a charismatic leader, 2- He didn't have huge controversial issues such as Attacking Libya without Congressional Authorization or Benghazi attack or using private email address in his professional job in his resume. 3- In addition, the historical timing plays an important role in this matter. President Reagan (From Republican Party) took the office in 1981 after massive failure of President Carter (From Democratic Party) with regards to:

 A- The emergence of Islamic Regime in Iran, B- Hostage taking of American Diplomats in Tehran, C- Failure of the Carter Administration to rescue the American Diplomats from Iran, D- Invasion of the Soviet Union Army into Afghanistan during Carter watch, etc. The combination of all these issues, facilitated a good opportunity for the Republican Party and its main candidate Ronald Reagan to become the president.

A simple comparison shows, that Hillary Clinton, 1- does not have the same characteristics, qualifications and reputation of President Reagan in different terms. 2- Moreover, the historical timing is to some degree against the Democratic Party and one of its candidate Mrs. Clinton. One might wonder how. Without any doubt, the Presidency of Barack Obama could be one of the worse one in terms of weak and chaotic foreign policy in the entire history of the United States of America. There are enormous examples in this matter, which mentioning them are beyond the scope of this short note. The weak and unprofessional performances of Obama administration with regards to an important issue such as foreign policy would automatically encourage and stimulate some American people to vote for a Republican candidate.

In short, based on brief explanation noted above, Mrs. Clinton does not have enough chance to become the president in 2016. On the contrary and based on what explored above, the Republican Party has the best opportunity to occupy the White House in the next year election; Of course, if the Party 1-  would choose a smart and powerful candidate in different terms, 2- would update some of its outdated programs based on the contemporary needs and will of current American generation, and 3-would perform the presidential campaign in a very professional and appropriate manner.

M. Sirani                                       12.2015