Monday, June 8, 2015

The Developed Countries Should Be Prepared For The Great Humanitarian Tectonics in the Next Couple of Years.

In the next couple of years, almost all industrialized countries (particularly the EU, which is easily reachable) will face a great Humanitarian Tectonics. During this huge transformation, many migrants from the two continents of Africa and Asia will move from their motherlands toward the developed countries. This could be the greatest wave of human migration in the entire human history so far. What we observe these days is just the tip of a giant iceberg. A large portion of human community do not / cannot anymore tolerate poverty, undemocratic political system, civil war and in short the extreme misery.

Note: Put your feet in their shoes: Would you like to suffer and die in the extreme misery or move to a better place?

M. Sirani                          09.06.2015

Note: Humanitarian Tectonics derives from Plate Tectonics.